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Extensions are small programs that run inside web browsers like Google Chrome. They add extra features to the browser without having to download anything new. You can use extensions to make browsing faster, easier, and safer. Some extensions even let you do things like translate text on websites, search the web, and play games.

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#1 Roblox Friend Removal Button Roblox Friend Removal Button
Publisher: 1.#inf
User count: 365,104
Rating: 680
Useful for removing friends with ease.
#2 Friend Connector Pro Friend Connector Pro
User count: 5,359
Rating: 66
Make your friend list bigger and valuable with a single click
#4 Spotify Friend Activity Spotify Friend Activity
Publisher: Jack Weatherford
User count: 2,752
Rating: 13
View your friends' activity in Spotify's web player.
#5 Friend Disconnector Friend Disconnector
User count: 1,896
Rating: 51
Remove inactive and deactivated friends from your Facebook account.
#6 Best Friend Tab Best Friend Tab
Publisher: Coflyer LLC
User count: 19,840
Rating: 3
Best Friend Tab is a Chrome Extension for the New Tab
#7 Obox Tools - Friend Remover 2020 Obox Tools - Friend Remover 2020
User count: 2,765
Rating: 22
Friend remover - Easily delete friends with a few clicks or unfriend them all at once.
#8 - friend finder & score keeper - friend finder & score keeper
User count: 2,732
Rating: 10
Tool to find friends in public rooms on and keep track of high scores
#9 Friends Add & Confirm Friends Add & Confirm
Publisher: Yohan Rathnayaka
User count: 1,705
Rating: 4
Friends Add & Confirm
#10 VRChat Friend IDs VRChat Friend IDs
User count: 5,362
Rating: 7
Grabs a list of friend IDs from the VRChat API.
#11 Friend Deleter Friend Deleter
User count: 855
Rating: 11
Easly remove inactive and deactivated friends from your Facebook.
#12 L.O.C L.O.C
User count: 597,682
Rating: 2,432
L.O.C is a collection of automation tools.
#13 Auto Friend Request Sender - Auto Friend Request Sender -
User count: 475
Rating: 3
Send mass friend requests automatically in the background without getting banned
#14 VR Dashboard VR Dashboard
Publisher: Michael Kappert
User count: 25,343
Rating: 48
Monitor boat position & call virtual sailor weather router
#15 Fast Friends Adder Fast Friends Adder
User count: 2,240
Rating: 10
Fast Friends Adder helps you to automatically click every "Add Friend" button on the new Facebook website.
#16 Friend Convert Friend Convert
User count: 312
Rating: 8
Friend Convert helps you add targetted friends from any Facebook group or profile. Remove a few or all friends in one click.
#17 SharePass - Share Accounts. Not Passwords. SharePass - Share Accounts. Not Passwords.
User count: 9,971
Rating: 44
Share accounts and subscriptions without giving your passwords away.
#18 Rain those $$$ Rain those $$$
Publisher: Dollarman
User count: 16,759
Rating: 18
I make it rain. with this extension, you can too
#19 Friend Ejector Friend Ejector
User count: 221
Rating: 3
Remove inactive and deactivated friends from your Facebook account.
#21 Auto Friend Request Sender for Facebook™️ Auto Friend Request Sender for Facebook™️
Publisher: Linda Friends
User count: 138
Rating: 0
A tool for send bulk Facebook™️ friends request automatically.
#22 Best Friend Backgrounds Best Friend Backgrounds
User count: 14,201
Rating: 0
Adds dog-themed backgrounds along with Bing search engine to your new Chrome tab.
#23 Friend Machine Friend Machine
User count: 97
Rating: 2
Send friend requests to your ideal clients on auto-pilot, followed by a customized message when they accept your request.
#24 Remove Friends On Facebook Remove Friends On Facebook
User count: 10,938
Rating: 41
Remove Friends On Facebook
#25 Find WA Group Invite Links Find WA Group Invite Links
Publisher: WAPlus Sender
User count: 1,782
Rating: 1
Auto scrape tons of WhatsApp group links to get WhatsApp group member's phone numbers.
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