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#1 CSS Shapes Editor CSS Shapes Editor
Publisher: Razvan Caliman
User count: 15,793
Rating: 102
Interactive editor for CSS Shapes.
#2 Shape Shift Parkour Game Shape Shift Parkour Game
User count: 1,907
Rating: 0
Shape Shift is a game where shapes change and the player wins when they go from the same structure.
#3 Paint Paint
User count: 220,814
Rating: 128
Add text, draw different shapes, lines, arrows to live web pages in real time make a screenshot and share.
#4 Paint Tool - Marker for Chrome Paint Tool - Marker for Chrome
User count: 318,847
Rating: 3,632
Draw anything (shapes, lines or add text) right on websites in real time and taking a screenshot!
#5 Boomi Platform Enhancer Boomi Platform Enhancer
Publisher: MJs Developments
User count: 964
Rating: 6
This extension enhances Boomi Web Platform in multiple ways to provide a more robust experience
#6 Shape Ball Race Game Shape Ball Race Game
User count: 41
Rating: 0
Enjoy the race by passing through obstacles that have the same object as your character on a fast track.
#7 Boomi Tools Boomi Tools
Publisher: Tony Banik
User count: 92
Rating: 2
A Simple Set of Tools to Improve Boomi
#8 Sticky Note Sticky Note
Publisher: Z
User count: 9,332
Rating: 19
Stay inside your context - put Stickies all over the web. They will stay in place and you will have a convenient list of them.
#9 Shape Fit Arcade Game Shape Fit Arcade Game
User count: 11
Rating: 0
Change to your shape until it fits the shape in front of you to move on to the next level.
#10 Vector Ink Vector Ink
User count: 49
Rating: 0
The Vector Ink Chrome Extension
#11 Shape Shoot Shape Shoot
User count: 16
Rating: 0
Shoot the shapes before you run out of bullets
#12 Free Photo Editor Free Photo Editor
User count: 1,323
Rating: 3
You can modify image text, image text, image watermark, rotation, filter, crop, flip, color. And get the DataURL of the picture.
#13 Colorful Shape Tunnel Game Colorful Shape Tunnel Game
User count: 8
Rating: 0
While you are progressing in a fast tunnel, you can get points by passing through the same shape as your character.
#14 Ziteboard - zooming collaboration whiteboard Ziteboard - zooming collaboration whiteboard
User count: 90,659
Rating: 50
Zoomable realtime whiteboard for shared teamwork collaboration. Vector design, sketch drawing, shape recognition, tutoring, meeting.
#15 Draw on Page Draw on Page
Publisher: leocompson
User count: 59,313
Rating: 24
Easily draw on any website with simple drawing tools, then print the result.
#16 Image Editor Image Editor
User count: 465
Rating: 1
You can modify image text, image text, image watermark, rotation, filter, crop, flip, color. And get the DataURL of the picture.
#17 Cute Custom Cursors 2022 for Chrome Cute Custom Cursors 2022 for Chrome
User count: 33,450
Rating: 22
Take a cute custom cursors for Chrome. The mouse becomes a cute mouse.
#18 Jelly Shift io Game Jelly Shift io Game
User count: 121
Rating: 1
Jelly Shift io is a game where you have to change the shape of a jelly to get into the obstacle area.
#19 Keyboard Shortcuts for Kahoot Keyboard Shortcuts for Kahoot
Publisher: Lucas Kellar
User count: 1,294
Rating: 4
Adds keyboard shortcuts to Kahoot.
#20 Bee Hive Bee Hive
User count: 38,909
Rating: 22
Customize your new tab page with this beautiful design.
#21 Fatkun Image Editor, Fe Fatkun Image Editor, Fe
Publisher: aituxiu
User count: 641
Rating: 1
Full featured image editor using HTML5 Canvas. It's easy to use and provides powerful filters.
#22 Lenz Lenz
Publisher: J. Mazrimas
User count: 452
Rating: 2
Move a virtual magnifying lens around any web page. Tinker with the lens shape, size and magnifying power.
#23 Your Graphic Designer Your Graphic Designer
Publisher: NewBauhaus41
User count: 15,581
Rating: 42
Vector, SVG Paint and Editor, Diagram Editor - Draw using intuitive and easy tools to paint and to design
#24 Perspective - New Tab Perspective - New Tab
Publisher: anandchandra50
User count: 57
Rating: 7
Beat procrastination, follow deadlines, and keep track of time in general.
#25 No NFT Twitter Shapes No NFT Twitter Shapes
User count: 2
Rating: 0
A simple extension that changes the hexagonal twitter shape for the rounded ones.
300 results. Page 1 of 12.