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Extensions are small programs that run inside web browsers like Google Chrome. They add extra features to the browser without having to download anything new. You can use extensions to make browsing faster, easier, and safer. Some extensions even let you do things like translate text on websites, search the web, and play games.

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#1 Trim: IMDB Ratings on Netflix and Prime Video Trim: IMDB Ratings on Netflix and Prime Video
User count: 49,891
Rating: 242
Show IMDB, Rotten Tomatoes and Metacritic ratings on Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and many other video streaming services
#2 Auto Vote Rating Auto Vote Rating
Publisher: Serega007
User count: 5,430
Rating: 58
Automatic voting on ratings for projects or servers (gaming)
#3 Thumbnail Rating Bar for YouTube™ Thumbnail Rating Bar for YouTube™
Publisher: elliotwaite
User count: 16,689
Rating: 244
Displays a rating bar (likes/dislikes) on the bottom of every YouTube™ video thumbnail.
#4 SecurityScorecard Security Ratings SecurityScorecard Security Ratings
User count: 2,435
Rating: 9
Show the security rating of websites you visit from the most trusted name in security ratings.
#5 IMDb Ratings for Netflix™ IMDb Ratings for Netflix™
Publisher: Code Collective
User count: 22,497
Rating: 460
Seamlessly integrates IMDb Ratings into Netflix. Never waste time on bad movies or TV shows ever again!
#6 Hide Youtube Viewers and Ratings Hide Youtube Viewers and Ratings
User count: 1,349
Rating: 33
This app hide the number of watching now, rating, viewers, and subscribers on youtube.
#7 ASU Professor Ratings ASU Professor Ratings
User count: 5,159
Rating: 34
See Rate My Professors ratings alongside a professor's name when searching for ASU courses.
#8 Amazon BSR & Rating Colorizer Amazon BSR & Rating Colorizer
Publisher: Viktor Nilsson
User count: 14,631
Rating: 16
Color codes BSR and ratings on Amazon
#9 PDGA Rating Tools PDGA Rating Tools
Publisher: Ricky Sandoval
User count: 1,030
Rating: 10
Extension to add useful features to the PDGA website's Ratings Detail page for disc golfers
#10 Channel groups and rating for YouTube™ subs Channel groups and rating for YouTube™ subs
User count: 612
Rating: 9
Hides, filters, rates, exports, and groups YouTube subscriptions, channels, videos, and comments. Synchronized with Google Drive.
#11 IP Whois & Flags Chrome & Websites Rating IP Whois & Flags Chrome & Websites Rating
User count: 79,879
Rating: 644
Display Website Country Flag. Website Whois - how many Visitors are visiting, Reputation Reviews, Antivirus Check, Alexa, Incognito
#12 inDoors - Show Glassdoor ratings on job sites inDoors - Show Glassdoor ratings on job sites
User count: 858
Rating: 22
Shows Glassdoor ratings for companies when searching on Linkedin, Indeed, Handshake, Google for Jobs, and Stack Overflow.
#13 – Rating & Similar Sites – Rating & Similar Sites
User count: 467
Rating: 6
Ratrating ‒ Research, Analytics, Trends, and Rating of Top Websites in the World
#14 Roblox Revenue & Rating Stats - RTrack Roblox Revenue & Rating Stats - RTrack
Publisher: rtrack live
User count: 3,341
Rating: 22
View the gamepass revenue and adjusted rtrack ratings of Roblox games, right on the game page.
#15 Video Preview Video Preview
User count: 8,313
Rating: 263
Mouse hover video thumbnail to see more images for video
#16 Film scores for Netflix: now for D+ & Prime Film scores for Netflix: now for D+ & Prime
User count: 8,241
Rating: 150
IMDb, Metacritic, Rotten Tomatoes & more ratings for Netflix, Prime Video, Disney+, HBOMax, Hulu, PeacockTV, Paramount+ & AppleTV.
#17 Up Assistant Up Assistant
User count: 27,141
Rating: 144
Price history, seller ratings, similar goods, order tracking, price drop notice, quick access menu and search.
#18 Creator Rating by Favikon Creator Rating by Favikon
User count: 427
Rating: 8
Creator Rating by Favikon
#19 zRate Netflix: IMDB Ratings & Show Info zRate Netflix: IMDB Ratings & Show Info
Publisher: Unhalt LLC
User count: 1,626
Rating: 15
IMDB ratings, plot, cast, and other useful show information for Netflix.
#20 Roblox Reviews Roblox Reviews
User count: 5,626
Rating: 15
Allows users to see ratings of and write reviews for Roblox games through this extension made by Roblox Reviews
#21 YouTube™ Rating Loader YouTube™ Rating Loader
Publisher: Benoit Hiller
User count: 590
Rating: 34
Show the like/dislike ratio on video previews on YouTube.
#22 Carrot Carrot
Publisher: meooow
User count: 13,641
Rating: 17
Rating predictor for Codeforces
#23 No More Chess Ratings No More Chess Ratings
Publisher: GeertenVink
User count: 284
Rating: 14
Hides ratings on most screens of
#24 Ratings Preview for Youtube™ Ratings Preview for Youtube™
Publisher: Cool Apps
User count: 303
Rating: 3
You can view the number of thumbs up vs thumbs down button that video has before deciding whether to watch the video.
#25 IMDB Ratings Viewer IMDB Ratings Viewer
User count: 628
Rating: 33
Shows ratings beside Movie names on Actor pages
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