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Extensions are small programs that run inside web browsers like Google Chrome. They add extra features to the browser without having to download anything new. You can use extensions to make browsing faster, easier, and safer. Some extensions even let you do things like translate text on websites, search the web, and play games.

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#1 miBlocker ad block miBlocker ad block
User count: 881,404
Rating: 21
Easy to setup and powerful ad block tool, best protection by default.
#2 Venus Adblock Venus Adblock
Publisher: judymullen1883
User count: 869,446
Rating: 9
Venus Adblock blocks all kinds of ads: banner, context, search ads.
#3 AdBlock — best ad blocker AdBlock — best ad blocker
User count: 10,000,000+
Rating: 285,449
Block ads and pop-ups on YouTube, Facebook, Twitch, and your favorite websites.
#4 Ad blocker Turbo Ad blocker Turbo
Publisher: kelleesmer199
User count: 911,729
Rating: 14
Turbo Ad blocker - performant ad blocker software for your browser. Fast and easy-to-use.
#5 Tau adblock Tau adblock
Publisher: hnona9569
User count: 1,233,544
Rating: 13
Best in class protection with curated adblock filter lists.
#6 Windscribe - Free Proxy and Ad Blocker Windscribe - Free Proxy and Ad Blocker
User count: 2,129,727
Rating: 20,348
Windscribe helps you mask your physical location, circumvent censorship, and block ads and trackers on websites you use every day
#7 AdGuard AdBlocker AdGuard AdBlocker
User count: 10,000,000+
Rating: 55,065
Unmatched adblock extension against advertising and pop-ups. Blocks ads on Facebook, YouTube and all other websites.
#8 Adblock for Youtube™ Adblock for Youtube™
Publisher: AdRemover
User count: 10,000,000+
Rating: 270,004
Removes ads from Youtube™.
#9 Ghostery – Privacy Ad Blocker Ghostery – Privacy Ad Blocker
User count: 2,441,703
Rating: 12,828
Ghostery is a powerful privacy extension. Block ads, stop trackers and speed up websites.
#10 Crystal Ad block Crystal Ad block
Publisher: tatumtacey90
User count: 5,516,348
Rating: 36
Crystal ad block - Open source and transparent ad block software.
#11 Block Ads Block Ads
Publisher: Jagan Elavarasan
User count: 2,817
Rating: 10
Blocks ads and restrict advertisers from tracking your browsing activity
#12 Block Ads for Social Network Block Ads for Social Network
Publisher: daceAcc
User count: 10,973
Rating: 74
Block Facebook™ ads in your Chrome
#13 Free VPN Proxy and ad blocker - Planet VPN Free VPN Proxy and ad blocker - Planet VPN
User count: 618,214
Rating: 5,595
Get access to any website and block ads with our free VPN proxy extension
#14 Free AdBlocker Original Free AdBlocker Original
Publisher: pattynamaruud
User count: 6,144
Rating: 9
Block annoying and intrusive ads while browsing your favorite websites.
#16 Total Adblock - Ad Blocker Total Adblock - Ad Blocker
User count: 1,029,318
Rating: 799
Instantly block annoying ads, pop-ups & intrusive trackers with Total Adblock.
#17 Adaware Ad Block Adaware Ad Block
User count: 265,158
Rating: 338
The fastest and simplest ad blocker. Blocks all ads including Facebook and video ads. Added security guards against online threats.
#18 Ads Block- Free ad blocker Ads Block- Free ad blocker
Publisher: PDF Convertor
User count: 6,316
Rating: 13
A browser extension that automates skipping ads on YouTube. AdBlock for Chrome works automatically. Just click "Add to Chrome," and…
#19 Adblocker for Youtube™ Adblocker for Youtube™
User count: 607,493
Rating: 20,573
Block all Youtube Ads! Augment your YouTube experience with Fullscreen Theater Mode, Video Screenshot, Volume Booster and many more
#20 Boss Blocker - Block Ads & Trackers Boss Blocker - Block Ads & Trackers
Publisher: Boss Blocker LLC
User count: 2,915
Rating: 2
Block Display, Pop-Up Ads & Trackers like a Boss!
#21 Ad Remover - Ad Blocker for Chrome Ad Remover - Ad Blocker for Chrome
User count: 315,739
Rating: 1,456
The extension blocks all types of internet ads, including banner, text, popup, and video ads.
#22 BlockAll - block ads BlockAll - block ads
Publisher: blockall1904
User count: 5,735
Rating: 5
AdBlocker - Blocks annoying ads with individual rules for popular sites
#23 uBlocker - #1 Adblock Tool for Chrome uBlocker - #1 Adblock Tool for Chrome
Publisher: Jorge Ratcliff
User count: 6,236
Rating: 1
uBlocker is a fast, efficient & most effective adblocker utility on the planet.
#24 AdLock: Adblocker & Privacy Protection AdLock: Adblocker & Privacy Protection
User count: 134,874
Rating: 334
Block ads on your favourite websites, including video and audio ads on YouTube, Crunchyroll, Spotify, SoundCloud and KissAnime.
#25 adBlocker - #1 Adblock Tool for Chrome adBlocker - #1 Adblock Tool for Chrome
Publisher: Smart PDF Team
User count: 32,404
Rating: 225
adBlocker is a fast, efficient & most effective adblocker utility on the planet.
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