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#2 InsertLearning InsertLearning
User count: 803,742
Rating: 64
Insert instructional content on any web page
#3 Schoology Plus Schoology Plus
User count: 124,562
Rating: 89
Schoology Plus enhances your Schoology experience with numerous interface improvements
#5 Auto-Notes taker for Online classes Auto-Notes taker for Online classes
User count: 2,047
Rating: 1
Class/Meetings Listener | Notes generator - By Nithin S
#6 Google Meet Attendance Tracker Google Meet Attendance Tracker
Publisher: shaileshrkumar
User count: 114,831
Rating: 104
The most accurate and reliable chrome extension to track attendance in with just a single click !
#7 QUT Timetable Planner QUT Timetable Planner
User count: 7,471
Rating: 75
Plan your perfect timetable with this free open-source utility for QUT students.
#8 Class Countdown Extension Class Countdown Extension
User count: 503
Rating: 3
The chrome extension for Class Countdown
#9 Easy Class Break (UCLA) Easy Class Break (UCLA)
Publisher: Qingpeng Li
User count: 276
Rating: 1
Find out the classes whose break is not enough to walk to the next class.
#10 Prodeus Prodeus
User count: 3,677
Rating: 31
Forget massive tuition costs. Let Prodeus catalog the hours you spend learning on Youtube and all the work you do along the way.
#11 UT Registration Plus UT Registration Plus
Publisher: Sriram Hariharan
User count: 41,343
Rating: 70
Improves the course registration process at the University of Texas at Austin!
#12 Class Attendance (Google Meet) Class Attendance (Google Meet)
Publisher: Gary Tan
User count: 159
Rating: 3
Take class attendance
#13 USC Schedule Helper USC Schedule Helper
User count: 18,219
Rating: 26
Shows available seats, professor ratings, and gives you the ability to export your calendar!
#14 ScreenScraper ScreenScraper
User count: 3,706
Rating: 34
Tool to automatically grab data from sites
#15 Canvas Class Average Canvas Class Average
Publisher: d.b.kouchekinia
User count: 291
Rating: 1
Displays the class average on canvas grades pages.
#16 CUHK(SZ) & CUHK Class Schedule Exporter CUHK(SZ) & CUHK Class Schedule Exporter
Publisher: Max Sum
User count: 157
Rating: 14
Export your CUHK(SZ) & CUHK class schedule to your calendar
#17 Vandy Scheduler Vandy Scheduler
Publisher: qhoff
User count: 2,626
Rating: 9
This extension organizes your potential classes and Vanderbilt YES class cart into a schedule for the upcoming semester.
#18 UMN Classes to Calendar UMN Classes to Calendar
User count: 423
Rating: 1
Add your UMN classes to your Google Calendar through MyU
#19 Gmail Quick Links Gmail Quick Links
Publisher: Kevin Wu
User count: 1,975
Rating: 35
a replacement for Gmail Quick Links
#20 Easy Bruinwalk Ratings Easy Bruinwalk Ratings
Publisher: Bruinwalk
User count: 10,039
Rating: 28
Easily see Bruinwalk professor ratings in UCLA class search results.
#21 Cognitive Class Exam Answers 2021 Cognitive Class Exam Answers 2021
User count: 127
Rating: 1
Cognitive Class Exam Answers ✅✅✅ Cognitive Class Quiz Answers, Cognitive Class Free Coourses With Certificate
#22 McGill Class Averages Downloader McGill Class Averages Downloader
Publisher: kozirisdev
User count: 176
Rating: 2
A tool to download class averages for crowd-sourcing purposes
#23 Vandy Class Finder Vandy Class Finder
Publisher: claire-mcg
User count: 114
Rating: 0
Chrome extension that adds in a class's concentration to Vanderbilt's class search tool, YES.
#24 Class Link Check for Google Classroom™ Class Link Check for Google Classroom™
User count: 87
Rating: 3
Checks for, opens and alerts the user about the meeting link being in the Google Classroom class.
#25 Classbee - Online Class Recorder & Playback Classbee - Online Class Recorder & Playback
User count: 100
Rating: 0
Most Powerful Online Class Lecture Recorder for Chrome. Capture, Annotate, Playback, Share and more.
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