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Extensions are small programs that run inside web browsers like Google Chrome. They add extra features to the browser without having to download anything new. You can use extensions to make browsing faster, easier, and safer. Some extensions even let you do things like translate text on websites, search the web, and play games.

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#1 Amazon Shopping Assistant Amazon Shopping Assistant
User count: 790
Rating: 12
The extension is shown on Amazon product pages to help you make the right decision.
#2's Optimizely Chrome Extension's Optimizely Chrome Extension
User count: 3,376
Rating: 9
This extension allows you to learn information about Optimizely on a given page
#3 WZone Direct Import WZone Direct Import
User count: 14,509
Rating: 35
The WZone Direct Import Extension will help you import products from Amazon straight to your WooCommerce store.
#4 RevSeller RevSeller
User count: 52,328
Rating: 57
Product research tool for third-party Amazon sellers that estimates FBA fees, margin, ROI, and details about Variations.
#5 2048 Game 2048 Game
Publisher: Activity
User count: 513,715
Rating: 297
Play 2048 Game Online. Play 2048 Game Offline. Join the numbers and get to the 2048 tile!
#6 Solitaire Collection with Rules (320 Games) Solitaire Collection with Rules (320 Games)
User count: 23,648
Rating: 21
✅Lookup rules for 320 solitaire variations. ▶️Play Solitaire, Spider & FreeCell. ✅320 free card games.
#7 Tactical Arbitrage - Popular Products Tactical Arbitrage - Popular Products
User count: 4,787
Rating: 9
Easily check which product variations are selling well by analyzing color and size data from product reviews.
#8 Palette Creator Palette Creator
Publisher: Walter Garcia
User count: 86,273
Rating: 62
Creates a color palette from any image. Just right-click on the image and select the “Palette Creator” option.
#9 AMZ Buy Box Checker by Shopswain AMZ Buy Box Checker by Shopswain
User count: 270
Rating: 1
Use AMZ Buy Box Checker by Shopswain to check who has the buy box on your products.
#10 Edgar Edgar
User count: 3,255
Rating: 33
Meet Edgar: the only app that stops social media updates from going to waste.
#11 AliSave Plus - Download AliExpress Images AliSave Plus - Download AliExpress Images
User count: 76,224
Rating: 321
Download Aliexpress Product Images & Videos. The most popular tool for AliExpress!
#12 GrowthBook DevTools GrowthBook DevTools
User count: 1,216
Rating: 1
QA and debug feature flags and experiments from GrowthBook's js/react SDKs
#13 BuyBotPro - Amazon FBA Deal Analyzer BuyBotPro - Amazon FBA Deal Analyzer
User count: 16,557
Rating: 65
Analyze Any Amazon FBA Online Arbitrage Deal In a Few Seconds With Just 1 Click! – BuyBotPro can even read Keepa just like you!
#14 How Many? How Many?
User count: 21,000
Rating: 59
The free version of this extension only works on amazon pages with the offer-listings in the url. You must be on that type of page…
#15 AB Tasty Debugger AB Tasty Debugger
User count: 100
Rating: 1
Debug A/B tests from AB Tasty. Open source.
#16 Ezyflux product Importer Ezyflux product Importer
User count: 163
Rating: 4
Ezyflux allows you to easily import products from the biggest Wholesalers (Aliexpress, Gearbest, Banggood, Tinydeal) with one Click.
#17 SimpleChessBoard SimpleChessBoard
User count: 2,670
Rating: 9
Simple chess FEN/PGN viewer with evaluation
#19 Create & collaborate A/B Test variations Create & collaborate A/B Test variations
User count: 7
Rating: 1
This extension injects custom css/js into a website. You can also send your test variation to your friend for review.
#20 Chessable Tools Chessable Tools
Publisher: James Peerless
User count: 20
Rating: 1
Add some nice to have functionality to your Chessable experience
#21 Optimizely Inspector Optimizely Inspector
User count: 7
Rating: 0
See what's happening with your Optimizely Experiments. Turn Optimizely On/Off, Delete Optimizely Cookies, Change Variations.
#22 InteractiveFics InteractiveFics
Publisher: interactivefics
User count: 156,951
Rating: 205
Replaces Y/N & other variables in Reader Insert/second person fics with words of your choice.
#23 Tab Reloader (page auto refresh) Tab Reloader (page auto refresh)
Publisher: tlintspr
User count: 119,451
Rating: 108
An easy-to-use tab reloader with custom reloading time for individual tabs and more!
#24 UPC Lookup UPC Lookup
User count: 51
Rating: 2
UPC Look helps you find UPC on Amazon, Walmart, Homedepot
#25 GRABLEY - Product Search Tools GRABLEY - Product Search Tools
User count: 57,252
Rating: 81
GRABLEY - Product Search Tools (Amazon, eBay, others...)
255 results. Page 1 of 11.