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#1 React Developer Tools React Developer Tools
Publisher: Meta
User count: 3,931,607
Rating: 1,409
Adds React debugging tools to the Chrome Developer Tools. Created from revision 47f63dc54 on 12/6/2022.
#2 gRPC-Web Developer Tools gRPC-Web Developer Tools
Publisher: chrome-web-store
User count: 4,735
Rating: 4
gRPC-Web Developer Tools for debugging application's gRPC-Web network requests.
#3 GraphQL developer tools GraphQL developer tools
Publisher: Sergey Novikov
User count: 24,936
Rating: 22
Devtools panel for GraphQL development
#4 Preact Developer Tools Preact Developer Tools
User count: 8,427
Rating: 6
Adds debugging tools for Preact to Chrome
#5 Relay Developer Tools Relay Developer Tools
Publisher: Meta
User count: 4,832
Rating: 6
Adds Relay debugging tools to the Chrome Developer Tools.
#6 MobX Developer Tools MobX Developer Tools
Publisher: Andy Kogut
User count: 31,485
Rating: 49
Dev-tools for MobX and React
#8 React Hook Form Developer Tools React Hook Form Developer Tools
Publisher: bluebill1049
User count: 763
Rating: 2
React Hook Form developer tools to help debug forms with validation.
#10 Scratch 3 Developer Tools Scratch 3 Developer Tools
Publisher: Coder2357
User count: 932
Rating: 2
Scratch 3 Developer Tools to enhance your Scratch Editing Experience on
#11 postMessage Developer Tools postMessage Developer Tools
User count: 1,749
Rating: 2
Provides a dev tools panel to view postMessages for the current page
#12 Ctool Commonly Used Developer Tools Ctool Commonly Used Developer Tools
Publisher: baiy
User count: 6,532
Rating: 28
Commonly Used Developer Tools: Hash/Encrypt/Decrypt/Code Convert/Timestamp/Qrcode/IP Query/Code Formatter/Unicode/Regex/...
#13 Brick Next Developer Tools Brick Next Developer Tools
Publisher: weareoutman
User count: 194
Rating: 4
Adds Brick Next debugging tools to the Chrome Developer Tools.
#14 Web Developer Web Developer
User count: 1,232,101
Rating: 2,824
Adds a toolbar button with various web developer tools.
#15 Metal.js Developer Tools Metal.js Developer Tools
Publisher: bryceosterhaus
User count: 99
Rating: 2
Developer tool for inspecting Metal.js Components
#16 Finch Developer Tools Finch Developer Tools
User count: 4,476
Rating: 11
Save, version and share Chrome DevTools Styles changes
#17 Shopify Developer Tools Shopify Developer Tools
Publisher: anark6
User count: 657
Rating: 0
Shopify Developer Tools is a Chrome extension for Shopify developers. It allows you to easily - View which theme a shop is using…
#18 Marty Developer Tools Marty Developer Tools
Publisher: jhollingworth
User count: 98
Rating: 3
Developer tools for Marty
#19 Quasar Developer Tools Quasar Developer Tools
User count: 152
Rating: 2
Famous Developer Tools in your Browser Extension
#21 Wasaby Developer Tools Wasaby Developer Tools
User count: 2,383
Rating: 10
Extension for debugging Wasaby applications.
#22 Rax Developer Tools Rax Developer Tools
Publisher: raxjs
User count: 152
Rating: 1
Adds Rax debugging tools to the Chrome Developer Tools.
#23 Analytics Tracker Analytics Tracker
Publisher: Kunjan Thakkar
User count: 1,870
Rating: 1
Extends the Developer Tools, adding tools for tracking the data logged to google analytics
#24 ARC Toolkit ARC Toolkit
User count: 22,674
Rating: 22
Accessibility testing tool from TPGi
#25 Magoon: Chrome DevTools Theme Magoon: Chrome DevTools Theme
Publisher: ntwigs
User count: 704
Rating: 13
A dark theme called Magoon which is now available for the Chrome Developer Tools.
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