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Extensions are small programs that run inside web browsers like Google Chrome. They add extra features to the browser without having to download anything new. You can use extensions to make browsing faster, easier, and safer. Some extensions even let you do things like translate text on websites, search the web, and play games.

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#1 Web Boost - Wait Less, Browse Faster! Web Boost - Wait Less, Browse Faster!
User count: 48,430
Rating: 765
Make your web pages load faster! Boost browser speed!
#2 1 Video Downloader 1 Video Downloader
Publisher: 1q Downloads
User count: 436,235
Rating: 6,534
Download video online from any websites fast and easily. 1 free Video Downloader allows to save video and watch it later
#3 TSR Wait Skipper TSR Wait Skipper
Publisher: lord_voldemort
User count: 4,288
Rating: 99
Skip past the 10 second timer on and auto download mods.
#4 Wait For Savings List Wait For Savings List
User count: 83
Rating: 2
Add to your Wait For Savings List
#5 Mass follow for Twitter Mass follow for Twitter
User count: 20,546
Rating: 508
A feature-rich extension to mass follow and unfollow on Twitter.
#6 Waiting? Waiting?
Publisher: Eric Stein
User count: 277
Rating: 3
Displays an interactive loading screen to help users deal with stress that accompanies long online waiting times.
#7 FUNNELBOT CF Page Copier FUNNELBOT CF Page Copier
User count: 2,764
Rating: 20
Easiest and fastest way to copy CF pages or turn any page into a Clickfunnels page
#8 IG Scraper & Email Finder | LeadStal IG Scraper & Email Finder | LeadStal
User count: 1,527
Rating: 40
#1 Instagram Scraper & Instagram Email Finder by
#9 WebToEpub WebToEpub
Publisher: dteviot
User count: 30,734
Rating: 236
Extension that converts Web Novels (and other web pages) into an EPUB for offline reading. Works with many sites, including: 1.…
#10 Don't Wait Don't Wait
Publisher: Deniz Dogan
User count: 24
Rating: 3
Automatically continues from pages that require you to wait.
#11 Paint Online Paint Online
User count: 27,187
Rating: 201
Create fun drawings directly on web pages using the paint tool. Take a screenshot when you want to save your work.
#12 VKmusic - Music Downloader VKmusic - Music Downloader
Publisher: socialsworkup
User count: 25,614
Rating: 37
Save music in one click! Fast download of tracks from VK.
#13 Comics Downloader Comics Downloader
Publisher: ruflashist
User count: 2,622
Rating: 37
Download comic books!
#14 Video Downloader Pro Video Downloader Pro
Publisher: John Cam
User count: 1,278,958
Rating: 637
Enjoy favourite video files at any time. Simply save it to PC and watch later
#15 Video Downloader Proff Video Downloader Proff
Publisher: Sarah Hill
User count: 1,034,010
Rating: 428
Save video from popular websites and run it later
#16 HTTracker Web Downloader HTTracker Web Downloader
User count: 1,875
Rating: 7
It downloads entire Website. made by as a software development company.
#17 Free Paint Online - Draw on any website Free Paint Online - Draw on any website
Publisher: jjohnslemon
User count: 101
Rating: 0
Draw funny pictures directly on the website, use a colour picker or highlight text, and take screenshots to share with friends.
#18 Wait But Why Life Calendar Wait But Why Life Calendar
Publisher: Anthony Greco
User count: 21
Rating: 1
A New Tab extension meant to visualize the Wait But Why life calendar. Features include custom birthday, expected age, date…
#19 IDM- integration addon IDM- integration addon
Publisher: Dev. Group
User count: 486,280
Rating: 27
IDM integration - adds "Download with IDM" context menu item for the file links
#20 Mixcloud (with) Tracklist Mixcloud (with) Tracklist
Publisher: TrepDev
User count: 987
Rating: 8
Display tracklists on Mixcloud
#21 Live Stream Downloader Live Stream Downloader
Publisher: chandler.stimson
User count: 193,152
Rating: 163
Detect and Download M3U8 HLS Streams (HTTP Live Stream) in multiple threads to your local disk
#22 WaitBlock WaitBlock
User count: 534
Rating: 24
Setup wait period for time-wasting sites.
#23 Depop Bot - Debob Depop Bot - Debob
User count: 3,491
Rating: 49
The Smart Depop Bot helps you get more followers and likes, spend less time and make more money on Depop.
#24 Take a Break Take a Break
Publisher: loora
User count: 476
Rating: 3
Reminds you to take a break at a customizable time frame.
#25 Screencastify - Screen Video Recorder Screencastify - Screen Video Recorder
User count: 10,000,000+
Rating: 11,655
The #1 screen recorder for Chrome. Capture, edit and share videos in seconds.
300 results. Page 1 of 12.