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#1 Cryptocurrency exchange rates & calculator Cryptocurrency exchange rates & calculator
User count: 5,750
Rating: 90
User friendly cryptocurrency exchange rates calculator with 500+ cryptocurrencies on the list: Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Zcash
#2 Currency Converter PRO Currency Converter PRO
User count: 124,971
Rating: 2,282
Currency converter for Google Chrome fast and easy to use.
#3 Exchange Rate Monitor Exchange Rate Monitor
Publisher: Xiaoming Tu
User count: 1,534
Rating: 26
Watch the exchange rate on the go.
#4 ARC cookie exchange ARC cookie exchange
User count: 91,211
Rating: 424
An extension that supports Advanced REST Client session management reading Chrome cookies.
#5 CoinMarketCap - Filter coins by exchange CoinMarketCap - Filter coins by exchange
Publisher: kalkulus
User count: 422
Rating: 8
Filter lists of cryptocurrencies on by exchange(eg. Binance, Bitfinex, Cryptopia..)
#6 Translation Exchange Translation Exchange
User count: 393
Rating: 2
Translate websites in-context using Translation Exchange tools.
#7 Bitcoin price ticker Bitcoin price ticker
User count: 12,920
Rating: 28
Shows bitcoin price provided by CoinDesk Bitcoin Price Index in a browser toolbar.
#8 Currency Converter Widget - Exchange Rates Currency Converter Widget - Exchange Rates
User count: 19,339
Rating: 430
Currency conversion extension for Google Chrome and Edge browser that is based on the Chromium open-source project.
#9 Fast Exchange Rate Fast Exchange Rate
User count: 353
Rating: 6
Fast access to current exchange rates directy from your web browser.
#10 Exchange rate Exchange rate
Publisher: PBDm
User count: 161
Rating: 13
Show currency exchange rate,refresh ever 10 min. now support CNY USD EUR..etc.. -------------------------------------------------…
#11 wikifx wikifx
Publisher: Wiki Co.,LIMITED
User count: 2,166
Rating: 5
Global Forex Broker Regulatory Inquiry
#12 WalmartHunt-Walmart Dropshipping Tools WalmartHunt-Walmart Dropshipping Tools
Publisher: Wade Cheung
User count: 1,413
Rating: 17
Walmart dropshipping product research tool and improve listing page for Walmart sellers and brands.
#13 Amazon Price History Tracker - AmzChart Amazon Price History Tracker - AmzChart
User count: 5,078
Rating: 30
AmzChart - Display all historical prices of Amazon products!
#14 BTC Ticker BTC Ticker
Publisher: n.brooking
User count: 2,525
Rating: 52
This extension displays the current btc price on the badge icon.
#15 Anonymous Crypto Exchange Anonymous Crypto Exchange
User count: 113
Rating: 0
Exchange Cryptocurrency Anonymously - Safe, Quick, & Easy
#16 TEA: Traffic Exchange Assistant TEA: Traffic Exchange Assistant
User count: 144
Rating: 5
Improve your experience in the bigger sites for traffic exchange
#17 Bank of China Exchange Rates Bank of China Exchange Rates
Publisher: TackLiv Studio
User count: 141
Rating: 13
A browser action to show the Bank of China`s currencies exchange rates in real time, with a popup showing the detail rates chart.
#18 CoinStats - Crypto Portfolio Tracker CoinStats - Crypto Portfolio Tracker
User count: 14,616
Rating: 27
Cryptocurrency live price and portfolio tracker.
#19 FXStreet - The Foreign Exchange Market FXStreet - The Foreign Exchange Market
Publisher: fxstreet
User count: 2,386
Rating: 31
Economic Calendar, Forex Analysis, Trading Positions and Currency Trading News by FXStreet
#21 BOC Exchange Rate BOC Exchange Rate
Publisher: Vivian Liu
User count: 180
Rating: 4
A browser action to show the Bank of China`s currencies exchange rates in real time, with a popup showing the detail rates chart.
#22 SimpleSwap Crypto Exchange SimpleSwap Crypto Exchange
Publisher: coingalaxynet
User count: 66
Rating: 0
Unofficial SimpleSwap Crypto Exchange
#23 Secure Exchanges for Gmail Secure Exchanges for Gmail
User count: 291
Rating: 1
Protect your Gmail email exchanges with a strong encryption. Protéger vos échanges courriel Gmail avec un cryptage puissant
#24 EO.Finance: Crypto & Fiat Wallet EO.Finance: Crypto & Fiat Wallet
User count: 2,264
Rating: 10
EO.Finance is a Crypto & Fiat wallet. We provide accounts in more than 40 different crypto and fiat currencies.
#25 Experts Exchange Screen Share Plugin Experts Exchange Screen Share Plugin
Publisher: Experts Exchange
User count: 49
Rating: 0
An extension that allows you to stream your desktop into meetings with Jitsi Meet and Jitsi Videobridge on
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