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Extensions are small programs that run inside web browsers like Google Chrome. They add extra features to the browser without having to download anything new. You can use extensions to make browsing faster, easier, and safer. Some extensions even let you do things like translate text on websites, search the web, and play games.

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#1 1clickVPN - Free VPN for Chrome 1clickVPN - Free VPN for Chrome
User count: 4,405,321
Rating: 32,448
The simplest VPN for Chrome with one click connection. Unblock websites and browse anonymous with secure VPN connection
#2 IP Address and Domain Information IP Address and Domain Information
User count: 121,673
Rating: 604
The Ultimate online investigation tool! See detailed information about every IP Address, Domain Name and Provider.
#3 My IP address My IP address
User count: 41,088
Rating: 404
Find your IP address! See ISP, location, and DNS. Get IP address change alert and see your history.
#4 Group Address Book 3 - Sateraito Office Group Address Book 3 - Sateraito Office
User count: 96,618
Rating: 0
Add Group Address Book in the Apps Web Pages
#5 Free VPN ZenMate-Best VPN for Chrome Free VPN ZenMate-Best VPN for Chrome
User count: 5,977,263
Rating: 49,247
ZenMate Free VPN is the best free VPN Chrome extension to hide your IP, Fast & Anonymous VPN. Free Download with 80+ VPN locations.
#6 IP-Address IP-Address
User count: 14,240
Rating: 324
Shows your IP address with some additional Information and adds easy copy and paste functionality!
#7 EasyVPN - The Secured Connection for Web EasyVPN - The Secured Connection for Web
Publisher: Easy VPN
User count: 1,536,866
Rating: 96
Advanced Free VPN tool that helps to protect your privacy. Choose the country and connect to a secured network in a second
#8 Copy Link Address Copy Link Address
Publisher: Dhruv Vemula
User count: 14,704
Rating: 147
Copy link address without right-clicking. Just hover the link and hit Ctrl-C / Cmd-C!
#9 View IP address View IP address
Publisher: Roi David
User count: 9,909
Rating: 50
Quickly check your IP address and see some other information without opening an additional page
#10 Email extract Email extract
User count: 171,766
Rating: 21
Extract emails from visited pages - collect leads without effort
#11 Free VPN Chrome extension - Best VPN by uVPN Free VPN Chrome extension - Best VPN by uVPN
User count: 710,086
Rating: 18,521
Best free VPN Chrome extension to unblock websites and hide IP address
#12 IP Address & Geolocation IP Address & Geolocation
User count: 6,561
Rating: 32
Shows your IPv4 & IPv6 address and also geolocational informations about your IP addresses.
#13 DotVPN — a Better way to VPN DotVPN — a Better way to VPN
User count: 527,995
Rating: 9,357
Secure and open Internet in your browser. Keep your online activity private. It's easy to use.
#14 Email Extractor Email Extractor
User count: 227,592
Rating: 2,275
Powerful Extension To Extract E-Mail ID's Automatically From Web Pages. NEW FEATURES: AutoVisit websites and AutoSave Email IDs.
#15 Easy disposable email address Easy disposable email address
Publisher: El Dander
User count: 2,255
Rating: 55
Right click where you need a disposable email address and your temporary inbox loads in the next tab. Requires minimal permissions.
#17 MyRegistry Shipping Address Assist MyRegistry Shipping Address Assist
User count: 30,922
Rating: 2
Save time and effort by copying the shipping address before you begin checkout
#18 Hunter - Email Finder Extension Hunter - Email Finder Extension
User count: 590,342
Rating: 12,355
Find email addresses from anywhere on the web, with just one click.
#19 Surf VPN - Free & Secure proxy Surf VPN - Free & Secure proxy
Publisher: surfVPN
User count: 417,198
Rating: 123
100% free and secure VPN service for your browser! It has no time, location switching, speed limit at all.
#20 National Address National Address
Publisher: SPL
User count: 8,229
Rating: 0
Autocomplete Your Saudi National Address from any website.
#21 Email Finder - GetProspect Email Finder - GetProspect
User count: 67,082
Rating: 649
LinkedIn Email Finder – Look up emails for free. Find email address in seconds – free email finder. Search emails on website.
#22 IPvFoo IPvFoo
User count: 87,315
Rating: 171
Display the server IP address, with a realtime summary of IPv4, IPv6, and HTTPS information across all page elements.
#23  Temp Business Email Address Temp Business Email Address
User count: 1,802
Rating: 3
Free Unlimited Email address for all your needs to protect from spam and register for verification purposes
#24 WebRTC Network Limiter WebRTC Network Limiter
User count: 285,227
Rating: 333
Configures how WebRTC's network traffic is routed by changing Chrome's privacy settings.
#25 MyIP - ip address and location details MyIP - ip address and location details
User count: 1,625
Rating: 7
This extension displays your public IPv4 address, provider name and some location.
300 results. Page 1 of 12.