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Extensions are small programs that run inside web browsers like Google Chrome. They add extra features to the browser without having to download anything new. You can use extensions to make browsing faster, easier, and safer. Some extensions even let you do things like translate text on websites, search the web, and play games.

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#1 Context Menu Search Context Menu Search
User count: 103,422
Rating: 903
Use the right-click menu to search for selected text in different search engines
#2 Quick translator Quick translator
Publisher: DorothyApp
User count: 535,287
Rating: 795
Select word or whole phrase and right click to translate using Google translator
#3 Allow Right-Click Allow Right-Click
Publisher: lunu.bounir
User count: 57,588
Rating: 68
Re-enable the possibility to use the context menu, copy, paste, and text selection on sites that prevent them
#4 Refresh Page - Auto reload page Refresh Page - Auto reload page
Publisher: Refresh Inc.
User count: 509,637
Rating: 9
Automatically page reload after any number of seconds. Works for all pages. Refresh tab on demand.
#5 Tab Manager Plus for Chrome Tab Manager Plus for Chrome
User count: 274,342
Rating: 686
Quickly find open tabs, see all windows in one view, find duplicates and limit tabs per window. The best Tab Manager for Chrome.
#6 Steam Context Menu Steam Context Menu
Publisher: Skylark95
User count: 1,529
Rating: 15
Search Steam using the context menu
#7 context menu context menu
Publisher: breiti
User count: 1,439
Rating: 18
add a context-menu for
#8 Translator uLanguage - translate, dictionary Translator uLanguage - translate, dictionary
User count: 118,686
Rating: 511
Translate words, phrases or texts on web pages with text-to-speech feature for over 120 languages.
#9 Wikipedia Lookup - Context Menu Wikipedia Lookup - Context Menu
Publisher: Damien Brunet
User count: 4,176
Rating: 43
Search Wikipedia from the context menu.
#10 Selection Search Selection Search
Publisher: Pitmairen
User count: 33,883
Rating: 544
Search for the selected text in search engines
#11 Download Button Download Button
User count: 25,921
Rating: 608
Opens Downloads tab from Toolbar and Context Menu. Options available to change icon, remove from context menu etc.
#12 Save as Shortcut Save as Shortcut
User count: 11,489
Rating: 97
Offers the ability to save tab(s) and bookmarks as Internet shortcut files.
#13 Long Descriptions in Context Menu Long Descriptions in Context Menu
User count: 59,059
Rating: 1,528
Right-click on anything with a "longdesc" or "aria-describedat" attribute to access its long description.
#15 Context Menu Search Context Menu Search
Publisher: Roman Grinyov
User count: 1,873
Rating: 9
Search for selected text using the context menu
#16 Demandware With Ease Demandware With Ease
User count: 25,154
Rating: 89
Use Salesforce Commerce Cloud B2C with ease!
#17 Translator Translator
Publisher: Translate App
User count: 40,213
Rating: 23
Translate words and phrases while browsing the web, using Google translator.
#18 Context Bookmarks Context Bookmarks
Publisher: Spouwny
User count: 5,802
Rating: 74
Add your bookmarks in your contextual menu.
#19 Linguee Context Menu Linguee Context Menu
Publisher: addyi
User count: 2,802
Rating: 8
A chrome plugin witch provides a context menu for easy linguee searches
#20 Outliner | Improving your reading experience Outliner | Improving your reading experience
User count: 21,204
Rating: 53
Tired of distractions on web pages, I created this extension that uses services that improve your reading experience.
#21 Tile Tabs WE Tile Tabs WE
Publisher: DW-dev
User count: 56,635
Rating: 97
Take tabs from parent windows and arrange them in layouts of tiled sub-windows.
#22 Bulk URL Opener Bulk URL Opener
User count: 31,034
Rating: 29
Browser addon to open multiple urls with one click. With many more tools to help you manage urls.
#23 Translator - Select to Translate Translator - Select to Translate
Publisher: App-Translator
User count: 91,063
Rating: 500
Translator Web - translation of selected text or any words on a web page with use Google Translate. Translator, Dictionary, Voice
#24 Open in VLC™ media player Open in VLC™ media player
User count: 312,100
Rating: 827
Send audio and video streams directly to the well-known VLC™ media player
#25 Copy Link Copy Link
Publisher: axmet180
User count: 12,605
Rating: 71
Copy links and page urls with text from context menu
300 results. Page 1 of 12.