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Extensions are small programs that run inside web browsers like Google Chrome. They add extra features to the browser without having to download anything new. You can use extensions to make browsing faster, easier, and safer. Some extensions even let you do things like translate text on websites, search the web, and play games.

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#1 Mind Maps for Google Chrome™ Mind Maps for Google Chrome™
Publisher: freebusinessapps
User count: 51,422
Rating: 68
You can create your Mind Map diagrams
#2 Presto OSM lead extractor Presto OSM lead extractor
User count: 65,212
Rating: 0
Save business listings from OpenStreetMap. Presto is a powerful way to generate leads
#3 Mind Map Mind Map
Publisher: Free Apps
User count: 23,909
Rating: 22
You can create your Mind Map diagrams
#4 Sky map Sky map
User count: 22,923
Rating: 33
Sky Maps allows you like a planetarium to view space: constellations, stars, galaxies and nebulae using Google Maps API.
#5 Earth 3D Maps Earth 3D Maps
User count: 193,663
Rating: 615
Explore bird’s eye maps of cities and popular attractions. Travel virtual around the Earth with online maps.
#6 Activity Map Activity Map
Publisher: Adobe Analytics
User count: 22,355
Rating: 15
View key site metrics in an intuitive visual format.
#8 Quick Maps Quick Maps
User count: 17,579
Rating: 239
Get a Google Maps™ box attached to any address on a site or highlight text + use right-click menu to show it on a map immediately!
#9 Map Switcher Map Switcher
Publisher: david.r.edgar
User count: 3,161
Rating: 21
Switch between different map services. Convert coordinates and directions and jump to the same location on another map.
#10 Map Maker Overlay Map Maker Overlay
User count: 2,848
Rating: 39
Overlay a circle, image, KML or Terrain on Google Map Maker
#11 Map Overlays Map Overlays
Publisher: Ciprian Coman
User count: 2,578
Rating: 54
Change satellite images in mapping websites.
#12 Goyral Map Extractor Goyral Map Extractor
Publisher: Goyral
User count: 3,020
Rating: 8
Goyral Google Map Data Extractor tool is a lightweight and powerful Google Maps software for lead generation.
#14 strava-map-switcher strava-map-switcher
User count: 3,732
Rating: 33
Map switcher for Strava website
#15 WT map WT map
Publisher: fatalis.erratum
User count: 1,449
Rating: 16
Adds custom icons and centering on player to the War Thunder browser map.
#16 Google Map 2 Ingress Intel Map Google Map 2 Ingress Intel Map
Publisher: smeghead
User count: 1,780
Rating: 11
It will add the ability to open the Ingress Intel Map of the same location in Google Map.
#17 Waze - Google Maps™ link Waze - Google Maps™ link
Publisher: nalym
User count: 14,850
Rating: 477
Waze Map Editor script that creates a link to the current position in Google Maps™.
#18 My Map Free My Map Free
User count: 1,408
Rating: 11
History of Automatical Arrangement & Search
#19 Yandex Map Editor extension Yandex Map Editor extension
User count: 1,059
Rating: 17
Additional features for Yandex Map Editor
#20 Map Replace Map Replace
User count: 1,128
Rating: 15
This extension will allow you to replace Google Maps with another mapping service on any web site.
#21 Map Services Enhanced Map Services Enhanced
Publisher: Ken Doman
User count: 916
Rating: 14
An extension for analyzing, interrogating, and troubleshooting ArcGIS REST Services.
#22 History Map History Map
User count: 886
Rating: 6
Browsing with a map in hand
#23 Free Mind Map Creator Free Mind Map Creator
User count: 2,218
Rating: 1
Friction free mind map creator! For more feature and Google Drive integration, visit our website!
#24 VR Dashboard VR Dashboard
Publisher: Michael Kappert
User count: 25,343
Rating: 48
Monitor boat position & call virtual sailor weather router
#25 Faceit pick map assistant Faceit pick map assistant
Publisher: ant.shchurov
User count: 601
Rating: 4
Enhances the FACEIT experience and adds more information about maps pick. Faceit pick map assistant is a Chrome extension that…
300 results. Page 1 of 12.