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#1 Overwatch Wallpaper Overwatch Wallpaper
Publisher: CrazzySkins
User count: 18,862
Rating: 0
Overwatch wallpaper turn new tab to custom HD Overwatch background.
#2 Overwatch Stream Browser Overwatch Stream Browser
Publisher: Kyle Schouviller
User count: 404
Rating: 41
Browse and watch Overwatch livestreams. Mark streams as favorites and receive alerts when they're live.
#3 Overwatch Counters Overwatch Counters
Publisher: Eyretech
User count: 79
Rating: 4
This extension will quickly display which heroes counter each other for changing during a match.
#4 Stream Overwatch-World Stream Overwatch-World
Publisher: Nyuw
User count: 31
Rating: 8
Soyez informés dès qu'un stream est lancé sur la TV Overwatch
#5 Overwatch Stalker Overwatch Stalker
Publisher: Alex Reyes
User count: 14
Rating: 0
Context menu option to find players battletag.
#6 Overwatch Teamname Kehlslator Overwatch Teamname Kehlslator
Publisher: code-freeze
User count: 6
Rating: 2
Dieses Tool übersetzt die Namen der Overwatchleague Teams durch Ihre Kehlennamen
#7 uTab - Unlimited Custom Dashboard uTab - Unlimited Custom Dashboard
User count: 198,249
Rating: 941
Perfect New tab to organize bookmarks with lots of features. Create named folders with bookmarks, organize apps, set search bar...
#8 2048 - Classic Games 2048 - Classic Games
Publisher: Retro Games
User count: 150,938
Rating: 87
Play 2048 Game Online. Play 2048 Game Offline. Join the numbers and get to the 2048 tile!
#9 I Need Healing I Need Healing
Publisher: Xuezheng Ma
User count: 293
Rating: 28
I am Genji. I need healing.
#10 Paris Eternal Paris Eternal
Publisher: Paul Souillé
User count: 85
Rating: 13
Paris Eternal Extension
#11 ESports Tournament Schedule ESports Tournament Schedule
User count: 79
Rating: 1
The simplest and easiest way to keep track of your favorite eSports tournaments
#12 Sounds of GitHub Sounds of GitHub
Publisher: Sarah Vessels
User count: 57
Rating: 3
Play a sound effect when you leave a reaction on GitHub.
#13 Custom Cursor Premium Custom Cursor Premium
Publisher: BBusch
User count: 26
Rating: 0
A premium upgrade to Custom Cursor Chrome extension!
#14 Candy Match 3 Puzzle Games Candy Match 3 Puzzle Games
Publisher: feep
User count: 23
Rating: 0
You can play Candy Match 3 game for free.
#15 StatFinder StatFinder
Publisher: SeniorFluffie
User count: 15
Rating: 6
A simple yet sleek API for finding video game stats!
#16 Esports Gold TV Guide Esports Gold TV Guide
Publisher: esportsgold
User count: 19
Rating: 2
Esport matches at your fingertips. Find out what matches are live and who's playing.
#17 Experience Tranquility Experience Tranquility
Publisher: justaschopick
User count: 9
Rating: 3
Zenyatta Motivational Sprite
#18 Xianten's Stream Xianten's Stream
Publisher: yyvars
User count: 2
Rating: 0
Notification du stream de Xianten, si vous voulez suivre les aventures de Xianten sur Overwatch, Destiny 2 et bien d'autres jeux...
#19 Heat Stream Browser Heat Stream Browser
Publisher: devccido
User count: 2
Rating: 0
Veja quem está online nos seus jogos favoritos na Twitch. League Of Legends, Fortnite, PUBG, CSGO, Overwatch, Heartstone, Dota 2
#20 BilliechouTv extension BilliechouTv extension
Publisher: tibakadev
User count: 1
Rating: 0
Notifier quand Billiechou est en live sur twitch
#21 Hamio Hamio
Publisher: johbiyorpsun
User count: N/A
Rating: 0
A multipurpose tool to help you succeed! We really love overwatch!
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