Music of Minecraft Music of Minecraft

An extension to randomly play ambient music, such as the music from Minecraft.

By: Z Smith
Rating: 4.28 (18)
Users: 3,000+
+1,000 vs 1 week ago
Version: 1.0.1 (Last updated: 2018-09-08)
Size: 645.12K
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Select music (from Minecraft or another folder) and have it played randomly in the background as you browse, with random delays to mimic the ambient music of the game.

This extension does NOT distribute any music from Minecraft. You must have Minecraft installed on your computer for it to pull the music from. Alternatively, you can select a folder on your computer and have if play your own music (e.g. if you have purchased and downloaded the Minecraft music separately). Please do not illegally download the music without paying for it.

The whole project is open source, and can be found on Github here:

   - Two options for music selection:
       - Minecraft: you select the ".minecraft/assets/" folder on your computer, and the extension pulls all of the music files from the index kept there
       - Folder: you select any folder on your computer, then it (and its subdirectories) are scannned for any audio files
   - Adjustable volume
   - Choose whether to start playing when Chrome opens
   - Choose whether to play in the background when Chrome is closed
   - Click the extension icon to play/pause at any time
   - Random playing:
       - Music is selected randomly from the selection
       - No single track will play twice in a row, but tracks can repeat before the shuffle is completed
       - Before a song is played, it is delayed by a random time interval, to roughly mimic the game
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