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Version: 1.1.8 (Last updated: 2020-05-14)
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For Pinterest. Puts a big ol' gap where promoted pins used to be. It ain't PinBlock, but it's better than nothing.

IF YOU ARE STILL SEEING ADS: Please upload a screenshot of your pinterest feed to an image hosting site and include that url in your support post. This will help me identify what the problem might be.

**Updated 09/12/19 - Noticed that some non-ad pins were getting blocked, so that's been fixed. Let me know if any ads sneak through.**

**Updated 08/13/19 - Trying some new stuff out. The app now runs when you first interact with the page, so it's less resource-heavy but you might see an ad before you start scrolling.**

**Updated 03/29/19 - Updated script so it starts before page load, which might help. Or it might not. But it probably won't make it worse?**

**Updated 03/25/19 - Changed method by which script selects promoted pins, hopefully this should fix issues some people have been having**

**Updated 02/25/19 - Added support for all languages!!! That means I looked at ads in every single language that pinterest supports, because I love you all.**

**Updated 11/27/17 - Added support for every international Pinterest domain - Extension should work in every country as long as your language is set to English.**

**Updated 10/13/17 - Added support for**

**Updated 07/05/17 - Updated so that it won't break every time Pinterest updates their code.**
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