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Property Atlas augments your San Francisco property map experience.

Users: 73 +2
Version: 1.7.8 (Last updated: 2021-03-02)
Size: 4.32M
Price: Free
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With this tool, Property Atlas has augmented the San Francisco property information map (PIM) for Architects, Engineers, and Real Estate professionals with expanded features including:
All past architects, engineers, and contractors who worked on the property
Automated permit tracking
A dashboard that saves your past property searches and allows 1-click access to the status of any permit you are tracking
Links to all San Francisco building code amendments, administrative bulletins, and information sheets
Links to city contacts and organization charts for SF Planning, SF DBI, SF Inspection, and SF DPW

We've also expanded the property information available including:
LEED status
Business Listings
Historic aerial photograph from 1938
Historic city model from 1940
Access to historic city directories
Access to historic photos
DPW data, maps, and drawing specification requirements
Expanded inspections and permits for Fire
Expanded complaints
Expanded permits including MEP and noise permits for the property
Housing information related to rent board appeals, owner move-ins, evictions, etc.

Property Atlas was created by Architect Serina Calhoun, and AEC Attorney, Verita Molyneaux because of real challenges they've experienced. They are fiercely passionate about improving this industry they love. 

They know firsthand how frustrating it can be to waste countless hours or even lose a bid simply because you couldn’t find the information needed for a project fast enough. That’s time and money you’ll never get back. That’s why we built a solution to help you win more jobs, make more money and provide higher quality service to your clients. 

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