Chrome extension monetization
Chrome extension monetization

Chrome extensions

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Personalized Workouts for any Fitness Goal
938 99,663
Nimbus Screenshot App
Capture and annotate screenshots and local pictures
413 99,661
Night mode
#3. Night mode (v1.4.0)
Enable night mode for websites
0 99,608
#4. MQTTLens (v0.0.14)
A Google Chrome application, which connects to a MQTT broker and is able to subscribe and publish to MQTT topics.
153 99,477
Forward multiple emails with one click. Transfer and migrate all your emails.
343 99,476 Proxy
#6. Proxy (v1.2.3)
Unblock any website with Proxy!
49 99,375
Tripadvisor's official browser extension. Know Better, Book Better, Go Better
104 99,372
Easy Video Finder
#8. Easy Video Finder (v3.0.0)
Enables you to perform an easy video search with multiple filters from your address bar and from the extension’s dashboard.
56 99,310
#9. TiltShiftMaker (v2.0.1)
Transform your photos into tilt-shift style miniatures
247 99,071
The app downloads Stories, Videos and Photos from Instagram website. Convenient mobile interface is available as an option
290 99,068
Clipboard manager extension for your browser: history of copied text, sync clipboard items, instant paste
469 98,978
The Topaz SigPlusExtLite Chrome Extension enables users to capture signatures on a wide variety of Topaz signature pads.
8 98,914
Google Drive Opener
#13. Google Drive Opener (v3.4.0)
Create new Google Docs and view Google drive files from your browser bar.
85 98,910
A Chrome Extenstion used to download and archive Facebook® messages(chat/conversation)
666 98,900
#15. Bilômetro (v13.38.108)
Encontre os melhores preços e cupons de desconto com o Bilômetro.
660 98,880
Video Downloader Extra
#16. Video Downloader Extra (v3.14.2)
Save videos you watch onlne. Download button for online videos!
2 98,738
ExamView Student
#17. ExamView Student (v1.1.0.12)
ExamView Student allows you to answer ExamView questions using Chromebook.
1 98,698
#18. ChatWork (v1.2.1)
ChatWork is a communication platform designed for companies and teams
48 98,507
Skip sponsorships, subscription begging and more on YouTube videos. Report sponsors on videos you watch to save others' time.
313 98,326
Provides an easy and pleasant search of content on the content sites directly from your browser's address bar.
50 98,269
#21. Amplify (v1.3.7)
Increase sound volume up to 500%
2 98,077
Adds a toggle to use a grid layout in Google Meets
88 98,028
Cookie Editor
#23. Cookie Editor (v2.1.0.0)
A powerful and easy-to-use Cookie Editor.
4,271 97,912
Surface relevant information directly in your web browser.
38 97,881
Пульт для сайта Глаз.ТВ - жми на канал и смотри бесплатно
229 97,730
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