Chrome extensions

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Emsisoft Browser Security
#1. Emsisoft Browser Security (v2021.5.0.29)
Blocks dangerous websites that distribute malware and prevents phishing attacks.
68 99,764
Make scroll behavior smooth, ease-in-out manner, customizable with dynamically plotted curve. With bouncy edge feature.
2,801 99,620
#3. MQTTLens (v0.0.14)
A Google Chrome application, which connects to a MQTT broker and is able to subscribe and publish to MQTT topics.
152 99,620
Perfect New tab to organize bookmarks with lots of features. Create named folders with bookmarks, organize apps, set search bar...
726 99,602
Ban Checker for Steam
Automatically check bans of people you recently played with, your friends, and group members.
272 99,595
Ad Blocker
#6. Ad Blocker (v1.0)
Ad Blocker - blocks all annoying ads, malware and tracking.
3 99,474
Stopwatch & Timer
#7. Stopwatch & Timer (v0.0.9)
A beautifully simple Stopwatch & Timer.
96 99,424
Schedule BlueJeans video meetings directly from Google Calendar
52 99,404
friGate VPN
#9. friGate VPN (v2.709)
Accelerates access to blocked websites. Encrypts traffic.
39 99,210
Webflow Chrome Extension
Provides enhanced functionality for using the Webflow responsive website designer.
42 98,982
GIMP on rollApp
#11. GIMP on rollApp (v1.2)
Extremely powerful graphics editor (alternative for Adobe Photoshop). Great for retouching and image authoring. Powered by rollApp.
920 98,938
Typing with your voice and speech recognition. Simple and functional notepad.
620 98,878
Write emails faster! Increase your productivity with templates and keyboard shortcuts on Gmail, Outlook, or LinkedIn.
409 98,778
Schedule Meetings with
56 98,739
User-Agent Switcher
Switches User-Agent strings to mimic, spoof or fake other browsers or bots.
362 98,659
Access package tracking & carrier services, news, weather & email websites, plus free web search, right from your new tab page!
9 98,632
Bypass the annoying 'you still there?' popup message and keep YouTube running nonstop!
82 98,477
1,875 98,295
Aide à détecter les sites de confiance CM, CIC et les tentatives de phishing
126 98,147
Clipboard manager extension for your browser: history of copied text, favorite items, instant paste
501 98,102
Price Tracker - Features: Price Graph History, AutoBuy in flash sale, Set Price drop Alerts Ecommerce Sites
9,309 97,982
Just click our extension icon on toolbar to shorten the URL of current page with url shortener service.
636 97,971
Markdown Preview Plus
#23. Markdown Preview Plus (v0.7.15)
Converts and previews markdown files (.md, .markdown) to HTML(include TOC) right inside Chrome and support live reload
213 97,853
Tanki Online
#24. Tanki Online (v1.5)
Millions of players have already chosen Tanki Online. Join now!
2,311 97,648
Know when your emails are opened.
2,404 97,592