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Owl Theme
#1. Owl Theme (v1.1)
A modern owl theme
176 9
MyGreenroom-NewYear Theme.
78 9
Tema das cantoras/atrizes Demi Lovato e Selena Gomez.
66 9
Musical Theme
#4. Musical Theme (v1)
Musical Theme
66 9
Bleach Kon
#5. Bleach Kon (v2)
Bleachs Kon in deep thought.
53 9
new life (
44 9
MLP Fall
#7. MLP Fall (v1.1)
A fall based My Little Pony: FIM theme. Click on website link for more information! (site includes link to original wallpaper)…
41 9
View this theme and hundreds of others at my website
36 9
A Dark theme with abstract colorful lines.
69 9
45 9
This is the HightSchool Anime theme Optimized For Google Chrome This theme has been made for screens using 1920x1080. the theme…
31 9
Tuo Leaf
#13. Tuo Leaf (v2.7)
Chrome Theme. Tuo series: Leaf (green) Version. It gives Chrome a whole new smooth visual.
32 9
#14. Gray (v2)
Easy on your eyes.
32 9
Chriss Angel Theme
#15. Chriss Angel Theme (v1.1)
The Chriss Angel Chrome Theme Click this link for everything we have here on the chrome store:…
30 9
Mario Luigi
#16. Mario Luigi (v1)
Supported Resolution:1280x1024
33 9
Get back to nature with the OpticAmber Clematis theme. It combines an original floral image with high contrast amber text that's…
26 9
Selena Gomez 1.0
Tema da atriz e cantora Selena Gomez | Quer mais?
24 9
Mirror's Edge
#19. Mirror's Edge (v1)
Red + Blue Scheme, Similar to the game.
27 9
#20. HoneyKhun (v1)
Haru Jongil Ni Senggak Khunnie Ya Khunnie Ya This theme is Nichkhun of 2PM. I took his pictures from online image, so thank you…
23 9
This is the theme Kotori 01 from the anime Date A Live Optimized For Google Chrome This theme has been made for screens using…
23 9
Ford Focus RS
22 9
Cenário da banda Restart.
22 9
Beautiful World
#24. Beautiful World (v0.2)
This theme is inspired in the beauty of the planet we all live in, the background shows how the planet may appear if we took good…
22 9
Ubuntu Dark Humanity
A theme for Ubuntu users who want something dark, yet want to stick with the "human" theme of browns. The pics show the whole…
29 9
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