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Owl Theme
#1. Owl Theme (v1.1)
A modern owl theme
176 9
New Wave Theme
#2. New Wave Theme (v1.1)
Theme for New Wave on Linux.
77 9
Rock Hard
#3. Rock Hard (v1)
Fits all resolutions up to 1440X 900. For other themes please visit :
72 9
MyGreenroom-NewYear Theme.
78 9
Tema das cantoras/atrizes Demi Lovato e Selena Gomez.
66 9
#6. chrometheme (v1)
This is fan theme of SHINee's Lee Taemin (<3). Please forgive the lack of a theme screenshot: I wasn't quite ready to uninstall my…
59 9
Supported Resolution: 1680x1050
60 9
Bleach Kon
#8. Bleach Kon (v2)
Bleachs Kon in deep thought.
55 9
Supernatural - Jared Padalecki. Image of Sam in a great fantasy. An Angel.
53 9
Skillet Theme
#10. Skillet Theme (v1.5)
A fan theme for Skillet the greatest Christian Metal band ever!
57 9
Amy - Grand Chase
#11. Amy - Grand Chase (v2.1)
A simple theme featuring Amy from Grand Chase
32 9
Vista Aero
#12. Vista Aero (v2.23)
Vista Aero theme, v 2.23 - fixed bug with color of text on status bar. by wow23)
32 9
#13. Aslan (v1)
A Theme I made for the Narnia lovers. I do not own Narnia. I'm sorry if this doesn't fit your screen.
34 9
A theme based on a sunset in the central mountains of Bamyan, Afghanistan, looking out across the agricultural valleys at 9200 feet…
32 9
Fans of Childrin R Skary by Katy Towell can skin their Chrome browsers with an official Skary theme, this one featuring Emmeline…
26 9
True Blood
#16. True Blood (v1)
I wanna do bad things with you.
32 9
The Great Mother
A pagan theme since we do not have enough of those
39 9
Karkat Theme
#18. Karkat Theme (v1)
A Karkat theme, for all you Home Stuckies!
26 9
Beautiful Artic Wolf wallpapers with useful utilities.
22 9
Onew Ver. 2
#20. Onew Ver. 2 (v1)
My first theme for Dubu leader Onew wasn't as good as I had wanted to be and people (rightfully) asked that I fix the white…
22 9
#21. Eva_d09_v1 (v1)
Chrome Theme Creator:
24 9
Supported Resolution:1280x800
21 9
Здравствуйте. Иногда хочется сделать что-то несерьёзное, что-то по-детски.... Вот и мне захотелось сделать такую простенькую…
19 9
#24. YouTunnel (v1.2)
Watch top videos with keyword
17 9
Hand Chopped
#25. Hand Chopped (v1.2)
Well Done Art +ChromeApps Click this link for everything we have here on the chrome store:…
18 9
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