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this theme is for A7X fans :) <3
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Rock Hard
#2. Rock Hard (v1)
Fits all resolutions up to 1440X 900. For other themes please visit :
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Tema das cantoras/atrizes Demi Lovato e Selena Gomez.
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Applejack, v2
#4. Applejack, v2 (v1)
Re-done theme for Applejack.
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a michael jackson chrome theme (will update)
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Rarity (Dark)
#6. Rarity (Dark) (v1)
A dark theme for Rarity.
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Dead Island
#7. Dead Island (v1)
Dead Island Theme. This theme is for 1680x1050 resolution. Enjoy and leave comments. Tweet me if there is something I can do to…
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A Autumn Mill
#8. A Autumn Mill (v1.0)
View this theme and hundreds of others at my website
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View this theme and hundreds of others at my website
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New tab search
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A theme using the VI and design-elements of BEST, the Board of European Students of Technology. Install if you can't get enough of…
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#12. Axel (v1)
A Theme a made for the Kingdom Hearts lovers. I do not own KH. I'm sorry if this doesn't fit your screen.
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Cait Theme
#13. Cait Theme (v1)
Caitlyn League of Legens Theme
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Fans of Childrin R Skary by Katy Towell can skin their Chrome browsers with an official Skary theme, this one featuring Casilda and…
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A theme based on a sunset in the central mountains of Bamyan, Afghanistan, looking out across the agricultural valleys at 9200 feet…
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Trinity 1 - 1600
Folks this was one of the first themes I ever did. Many of you were kind and left nice remarks, but the truth is, it was a hot,…
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#17. Cara (v1)
Cara Mason from Legend of the Seeker
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Divergence III Theme
Theme for Divergence III on Linux.
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Zigrass lol Themes Plzz Donate if you like my themes. to help me keep going :) I really appreciate Donation. so plzz give it a…
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Hannah Hilton v2
#20. Hannah Hilton v2 (v2.0)
Hannah Hilton (Office Safe) ;) For all the latest info, news and requests etc, drop by and click LIKE on the toxic fanpage.…
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UPDATED 2021-05-22 Optimized For Google Chrome in the above display size with the start menu in auto hide mode only. Please note:…
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Raul Seixas
#22. Raul Seixas (v1)
Tema Raul Seixas
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Unofficial Twitter Theme Consists Of High Contrast Colours to Make You Feel Like More Of An Addict If You Find Any Colour…
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Madea Theme
#24. Madea Theme (v1.0)
Google Chrome theme based on Tyler Perry's Madea
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Arthur Aguiar
#25. Arthur Aguiar (v1)
Tema do ator Arthur Aguiar.
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