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Fox Theme
#1. Fox Theme (v1.2)
A fox in snow
84 10
Green Movement
Green wave
71 9
Autumn 1366x768
Supported Resolution:1366x768
60 11
A Autumn Mill
#4. A Autumn Mill (v1.0)
View this theme and hundreds of others at my website
41 9
Banda Calypso 2013
Personalize seu navegador com a Banda Calypso!! Instale já nosso tema oficial.
33 7
#6. Tropic (v1.0.2)
Theme inspired by and
34 10
Tuo Leaf
#7. Tuo Leaf (v2.7)
Chrome Theme. Tuo series: Leaf (green) Version. It gives Chrome a whole new smooth visual.
32 10
Привіт усім! Презентую вам моє перше розширення для Хрому у вигляді теми "Нічний ФІФА 2010". Я, як активний вболівальник футболу,…
32 8
Chriss Angel Theme
The Chriss Angel Chrome Theme Click this link for everything we have here on the chrome store:…
30 8
Supported Resolution:1366x768
30 9
Sasuke x Sakura
#11. Sasuke x Sakura (v1)
Request from a lot of people, actually ^-^
37 10
**Designed for 1024 x 768 resolution** *** If it doesn't fit your screen size, don't worry! There are more sizes available. Just…
29 10
Tree Chart Creator
#13. Tree Chart Creator (v1.0)
Build interactive diagrams with intuitive UI. You can export result to PNG, JPG or SVG.
23 10
Neyney is a theme for all us Neytiri lovers! Customize your Google Chrome with a Neytiri background and a stylish dark design.…
24 10
Island Road
#15. Island Road (v1)
Supported Resolution:1280x800
28 9
Beautiful Ants wallpapers with useful utilities.
22 9
#17. HoneyKhun (v1)
Haru Jongil Ni Senggak Khunnie Ya Khunnie Ya This theme is Nichkhun of 2PM. I took his pictures from online image, so thank you…
23 8
Blue Windows 7 Theme. (c) 2010 -…
24 9
Beautiful Baby Animals wallpapers with useful utilities.
20 11
Bhagath Singh theme
Bhagath singh Image theme. thanks to to provide image.
21 9
Abstract Pill
#21. Abstract Pill (v1)
Have you ever seen a pill growing?
20 9
Ambiance Blend
#22. Ambiance Blend (v0.1)
This is my first theme ever. I've put a lot of effort into getting it to look as great as I can, and I'm happy with it. It's…
20 8
#23. TweetDimmer (v0.50.10)
Keeps unknown and unwanted media in tweets from being seen until you want to see them.
18 9
I/O 2010 Aero Theme
#24. I/O 2010 Aero Theme (v1.0.1)
The un-official Chrome theme for Google I/O 2010, now with Aero transparency for Windows Vista and 7 users.
28 9
Lyra Theme
#25. Lyra Theme (v3)
A Lyra Themed theme for Google Chrome
22 9
74,116 results