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Access free file converter services, news and shopping websites, plus free web search, right from your new tab page!
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CSP Evaluator
#2. CSP Evaluator (v0.2.1)
CSP Evaluator is a tool that allows developers to check if a Content Security Policy (CSP) serves as mitigation against XSS attacks.
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Install the original chrome white theme. Ref:
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Improve Crunchyroll
#4. Improve Crunchyroll (v2.12.18)
Enhance Crunchyroll: theater mode, skip intros/outros, mark as watched/not watched, fast forward/backward buttons, dark mode, ...
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Give your Chrome a new look with Escape From Tarkov wallpapers.
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Bitcoin Hoje
#6. Bitcoin Hoje (v0.0.9)
Veja a cotação do Bitcoin através do
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#7. Fastr (v0.1)
Fastr Pages - through less refreshes. Made with turbolinks.js
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Last Tab Keeper
#8. Last Tab Keeper (v1.2.5)
This extension create a new tab automatically if last two tabs are not a new tab when a tab closed.
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#9. 駅探 (v0.0.0.1)
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Capture your screen, collect user feedback, and track bugs reports on any website, prototype, or application.
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Linterna Online
#11. Linterna Online (v1)
Brillante Linterna Gratis
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Покупки станут дешевле - получите скидку до 30% в популярных интернет-магазинах.
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Lion Wallpapers New Tab turns newtab to custom themes with hd wild cat lions wallpaper backgrounds. Designed for lion fans.
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#14. FireRTC (v0.2.9)
The most convenient way to make phone calls while working or studying. Free phone calls to the US and Canada. No nonsense.
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utf-8 characters
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#16. Yaballe (v1.6.6)
The new version of Yaballe's Chrome extension, Fast Address Copying & ASIN Grabber.
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#17. PHPView (v0.1.5)
Validate and view PHP print_r outputs
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Voice messaging for Slack
Voice messaging for Slack
7 9,974 -- Your AliPrice price tracker - Alibaba.
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#20. Motion (v1.0.101)
Win back your focus and time with Motion
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First light on Mount Everest, the Earth summit. (For resolutions 1440x900 to 1920x1200)
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#22. BitcoinBack (v1.6)
BitcoinBack Chrome Extension
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#23. Start! (v2.1.0)
A new start page for all your start paging needs.
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Turn new tab to custom sunflowers wallpapers. Themes designed for sunflowers fans. Cool features, hd sunflower wallpaper backgrounds
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Kindle Cloud Reader
#25. Kindle Cloud Reader (v1.7.0.28)
Kindle Cloud Reader: Lea libros de Kindle en su navegador y compre en
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