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GeoEdge Toolbar
#1. GeoEdge Toolbar (v3.5)
View geo-specific content easily using GeoEdge.
18 9,998
Breathtaking live wallpapers, capturing celebration’s states and splendor. Enjoy amazing live HD wallpapers with every new tab.
3 9,998
Launch Chrome's dinosaur game in a new tab, and play it even while online. Keyboard shortcut: Alt+Shift+D.
7 9,995
#4. Movies (v1.33)
Watch Full Movies
26 9,989
Integrate TSheets Time Tracking with IOP for quick and easy payroll.
35 9,985
#6. Dominus (v1.0.0.3)
A free multiplayer social strategy game. Grow in power until you can overthrow your lord and climb the tree to become the Dominus.
156 9,982
Bookmarks Checker
With this extension you can batch check your bookmarks and delete the bookmarks that are no longer valid.
58 9,979
Stylish live wallpapers, capturing all fashion’s states and splendor. Enjoy amazing live HD wallpapers with every new tab.
3 9,978
Dyslexia Unscrambled
Make it easy for dyslexic people to read any website.
16 9,973
Turn new tab to custom basketball themes with cool features & hd NBA All-Star wallpaper backgrounds. Sync, mix all freeaddon newtab.
2,585 9,971
#11. CnCTA SoO SCRIPT PACK (v1.5.5)
Script collection for Command & Conquer: Tiberium Alliances
49 9,971
Opus Web Advisor Agent
#12. Opus Web Advisor Agent (v1.108.101)
Dynamically suggested help documents
0 9,971
Breathtaking live wallpapers, capturing different people. Enjoy amazing live HD wallpapers with every new tab.
3 9,969
SPOI Options
#14. SPOI Options (v1.8.274)
Control the way you watch video online.
1,277 9,965
Laitis Browser Extension allows Laitis to control websites using your voice
33 9,964
Star Wars (Game of Thrones Style) Living Theme for LiveStartPage and Google Chrome
287 9,961
Reload All Tabs
#17. Reload All Tabs (v1.5.5.3)
Reloads all open tabs in one click.
158 9,961
A Crack in Time and Space - Doctor Who
1,524 9,955
#19. Домино (v1)
Знаменитая дворовая игра в онлайне! Здесь все, как в настоящих старых дворах – потертый стол, черные костяшки и кружащиеся листья.…
17 9,955
NOVA Energy  Lab
#20. NOVA Energy Lab (v1.0.0.0)
Design renewable energy systems and compete with others to see whose designs can produce the most power.
7 9,952
Userbrain Recorder
#21. Userbrain Recorder (v1.3.3)
Record your test sessions.
39 9,949
Quick access to IP, DNS & Network Tools. Check DNS, Whois, ASN, Traceroute, Ping and more. Tools for technical operators.
27 9,948
Storm Search
#23. Storm Search (v1.12)
This Extension will configure your default search to Storm Search. Start by typing a query in the search field.
0 9,947
Stray Kitty
#24. Stray Kitty (v1.0.3)
A browser kitty toy
20 9,943
DevTools Author
#25. DevTools Author (v0.6.6)
A selection of author settings for Chrome Developer Tools.
117 9,941
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