Chrome extensions

#1. Hearts (v1.0.0.1)
Enjoy the best Hearts Card Game around with 4 difficulties!
5,213 9,000+
#2. Dogry (v1.0.7)
Gry za darmo? To możliwe! Graj w gry, zbieraj punkty i odbieraj darmowe doładowania do gier!
3,673 9,000+
God is Love
#3. God is Love (v2)
A Christian theme for the Google Chrome browser and Chrome Notebook.
2,182 9,000+
Lord of the Rings
An unofficial Lord of the Rings theme for Google Chrome.
2,165 9,000+
Olaf the Adorable Snowman - 1600x900 Resolution. More Information below. If this does not fit your screen, please go to the…
2,050 9,000+
Final Fantasy Wallpapers New Tab turns newtab to custom themes with Final Fantasy backgrounds. Made for Final Fantasy fans.
3,601 9,000+
#7. Listen! (v5.11)
Облачный плеер для Google Chrome с поддержкой ВКонтакте, LastFM и Google Drive
1,351 9,000+
#8. Toothless (v7)
Toothless Theme Creator: Jt Whissel /
1,232 9,000+
Turn new tab to custom Wonder Woman wallpapers. Themes made for Wonder Woman fans. Cool features, Wonder Woman backgrounds.
3,056 9,000+
Enjoy fox wallpapers in custom new tab themes designed for fox fans. Cool features, hd foxes wallpaper backgrounds.
2,558 9,000+
#11. Sunflowers (v1.0)
@ Pike's Public Market in Seattle, Washington
1,077 9,000+
Chris Delbuck
#12. Chris Delbuck (v2)
Chris Delbuck is an interactive designer and developer, who lives and works in San Francisco.
1,056 9,000+
Enjoy World of Warcraft wallpapers in custom new tab themes made for World of Warcraft fans. Cool features, WoW backgrounds.
2,725 9,000+
Spiderman Homecoming New Tab is custom newtab with Spider-Man Homecoming wallpaper. Theme made for Spiderman Homecoming fans.
2,227 9,000+
Morning Dock
#15. Morning Dock (v1)
Morning Dock
816 9,000+
Turn new tab to custom Fairy Tail Dragon Cry wallpapers. Themes. Cool features, hd Fairy Tail Dragon Cry wallpaper backgrounds.
2,062 9,000+
Husky Wallpapers New Tab turns newtab to custom themes with hd huskies wallpaper backgrounds. Designed for husky fans.
2,013 9,000+
Freecell Solitiare
#18. Freecell Solitiare (v1.0.0.2)
This is a collection of Freecell Solitaire card games. The main game has some modifications from traditional Freecell that…
714 9,000+
247 Solitaire
#19. 247 Solitaire (v1.0.1.0)
Play all day with 247 Solitaire!
669 9,000+
Pyramid Solitaire
#20. Pyramid Solitaire (v2.0.0.0)
New updated version of Pyramid Solitaire. New Egyptian themed skin and full screen mode. Now 5 different versions of Pyramid…
561 9,000+
Herp Derp for YouTube™
Significantly improves YouTube comments by replacing them with random herps and derps.
510 9,000+
#22. Tardis (v2.0)
Tardis Inspired Theme
515 9,000+
One Piece
#23. One Piece (v1)
***Attenzione*** la risoluzione dello schermo dev'essere 1600x900 affinché l'immagine si veda bene! ..... Tema ispirato a One…
520 9,000+
Get ready, pose, and relax! Browse our extensive yoga theme and enjoy pose wallpapers with every new tab.
388 9,000+
Yonge Street III
Created using my painting, "Yonge Street III" found on my website,
368 9,000+