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Applejack Theme
Another MLP: FiM Theme. Suits on everypony!
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IMAGINE DRAGONS - An American alternative rock band from Las Vegas, Nevada.
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A clean, cool theme for Chrome. Designed with Mac, Linux and XP users in mind. This is not an Aero skin, but the frame has a dark…
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indian tricolor flag
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#5. acdcBIG (v1.0)
AC/DC theme 1600X900 by p.fil
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This is the Black Rock Shooter Anime theme Optimized For Google Chrome This theme has been made for screens using 1920x1080. the…
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GW2 Charr based Chrome Theme by Orz
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Vinyl Scratch makes the best beats.
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PREPARE FOR TITANFALL Crafted by one of the co-creators of Call of Duty and other key developers behind the Call of Duty franchise,…
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Deepika Padukone's pink and blue colored Google chrome theme, BG from Cocktail movie
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For all you astronomy lovers, with image provided by NASA
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New Tab - Anime Boys
#12. New Tab - Anime Boys (v1.4.7)
Beautiful Full HD wallpapers in new tab
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Automatically fills the KFUEIT university Surveys in no time
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This is a Mix from the anime Girls Und Panzer Optimized For Google Chrome This theme has been made for screens using 1920x1080.…
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Pivot Genie
#15. Pivot Genie (v1.3)
Pivot Genie converts the HTML flat table into a pivot on just a right-clicking on any table.
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Позволяет быстро и просто искать товары на Aliexpress по картинке на любом сайте!
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Upload Google Drive, Dropbox photo/image files to your Twitter directly. Integrate Google Drive with this Twitter posting app.
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Bug Sniper
#18. Bug Sniper (v0.0.2)
Fun game to snipe security bugs.
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If you love Mercedes like, you will love this theme.
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Kameto Live Extension
Ne manquez pas un seul stream de Kameto !
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Corrected tab colors for visibility.
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Desktop ErrorIsland
ErrorIsland theme for desktop computers. DigiArea, Inc.
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Center that Youtube!
This will center your YouTube page
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Visually displays a History of your browser's Open Graph data.
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This is a true, true, true, true, true theme that applies to all those who have LAZY neighbors, and this is what their trash can…
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