Chrome extension monetization
Chrome extension monetization

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#1. Skrillex (v1)
A Chrome Theme Based on skrillex, on the background image i have shown my top 10 favourite skrillex songs (not in order) post a…
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A Touch of Red
#2. A Touch of Red (v1.0)
View this theme and hundreds of others at my website
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League of Legends Ethereal DJ Sona Chrome theme
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#4. Spectrum (v0.1)
A colorful Chrome theme with colors from the Google IO 2010 branding.
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This theme is inspired by images of Iranian architecture from Yazd, Iran. More Persian Themes:…
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This is the theme Kurumi from the anime Date A Live Optimized For Google Chrome This theme has been made for screens using…
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#7. chrometheme (v1.5)
--- Update 8.31.11--- Changed the text color for the background tabs as requested. Thanks for downloading, guys! The image…
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Enrique Iglesias New Tab
Enrique Iglesias Fan? Start each day with the Enrique Iglesias's most gorgeous pictures!
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Police Arrest Records
Fetch details from a large database of police records
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I represent a new theme for your Chrome browser. Jimin on the beautiful floral background. Leave your comments and suggestions.
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This is a Mix from the anime Girls Und Panzer Optimized For Google Chrome This theme has been made for screens using 1920x1080.…
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Позволяет быстро и просто искать товары на Aliexpress по картинке на любом сайте!
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#13. CoronaBlocker (v1.0.1)
Get rid of coronavirus! I will replace for you everywhere the 'coronavirus' with 'love' (or any other word you choose...)
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Ask other consumers to review the item you're interested in.
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Postal Everywhere
#16. Postal Everywhere (v1.2.0)
Send direct mail and gifts to customers from anywhere
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#17. Grayscalish (v1.0)
Simple and elegant grayscale theme. Black, light and dark gray for better contrast
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BOJ Tier
#18. BOJ Tier (v1.0.1)
BOJ Tier
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"Lucky Sneakers & Your own distribution deal" So now you’ve dealt with your label infrastructure, it’s time to consider the…
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Minimalist The Flash Theme Send donations for me to continue creating chrome themes. I can customize a…
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#21. (v1.0.3)
Najnowsze odcinki podcastów w naszej aplikacji Chrome
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Tab Control
#22. Tab Control (v1.2.0)
The holy grail of tab managers
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Bitbucket Filters
#23. Bitbucket Filters (v0.1.7)
Add custom filter links for issues to bitbucket projects
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Request Changer
#24. Request Changer (v1.0.6)
Simple way to change request parameters.
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Get a lot of FullHD Wallpapers Prince Of Persia Game for chrome new tabs
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55,699 results