Chrome extension rating stats

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User ratings are very important to Chrome extensions in Chrome Web Store. Higher user ratings + number of ratings will look more trust-worthy to users, which will in turn lead to higher downloads. Satisfied users will also be less likely to uninstall the extension, leading to higher user counts over time.

Surprisingly though, we found that 37.44% have 0 ratings. Even more surprisingly, some of them have a lot of users! Many of the highly used but unrated items are themes or new tabs, but a few other extensions also stand out. Explore the chart/table below to find out more!

Break down by ratings
Number of extensions with the given ratings
0 stars 63,765
1-1.99 stars 4,041
2-2.99 stars 5,124
3-3.99 stars 15,809
4-4.99 stars 33,765
5 stars 47,808
Author's average ratings
Average ratings across all extensions by a publisher
0 stars 39,547
1-1.99 stars 2,600
2-2.99 stars 3,461
3-3.99 stars 10,955
4-4.99 stars 22,551
5 stars 34,924