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Riverside DataManager
#1. Riverside DataManager (v0.0.0.10)
Riverside DataManager
3 1,000,000+
Imagine Learning Student
#2. Imagine Learning Student (v3.129.5182)
Students can get access to Imagine Español® and Imagine Language & Literacy® through the Imagine Learning Student app.
1 900,000+
Enablement Assistant
#3. Enablement Assistant (v1.0.0.2)
Extension to create and play back in-app help content for web applications.
1 600,000+
1 500,000+
This extension allows you to monitor (SaaS) applications where installation of Dynatrace OneAgent is not possible.
8 400,000+
Digital Signature of eReturns, PDF & Web User Auth, RSA Encryption/Decryption, Certificate Enrollment/Download on Smartcard.
36 300,000+
Clipboard Helper
#7. Clipboard Helper (v0.8.4)
Clipboard helper tool tracks clipboard history + keyboard shortcuts
11 300,000+
LibKey Nomad
#8. LibKey Nomad (v1.17.0)
One-click access to millions of scholarly articles.
10 300,000+
Vspeed Controller
#9. Vspeed Controller (v1.2.5)
Vspeed is a video speed controller. Speed up or slow down video playback. Use keyboard shortcuts.
8 300,000+
Enrich your searches with insights from children's and young adult books, powered by the expertise and resources from TeachingBooks
3 300,000+
E START をスタートページに設定します。
1 300,000+
Video speed buttons
#12. Video speed buttons (v1.26)
Add video speed control buttons to online videos
4 200,000+
VEXcode V5
#13. VEXcode V5 (v2.2.1.295)
VEXcode V5
3 200,000+
VEXcode IQ
#14. VEXcode IQ (v2.2.2.7)
VEXcode IQ
2 200,000+
P3 Tips
#15. P3 Tips (v1.1)
Share information anonymously with Crime Stoppers programs, Law Enforcement entities, and schools.
1 200,000+
Functionize Architect
#16. Functionize Architect (v2.1.99)
Functionize extension for Architect
23 100,000+
Wallpapers New Tab Wallpapers & Games, designed for wallpapers fans. Replaces your new tab with an epic wallpapers new tab.
12 100,000+
Christmas Live New Tab Wallpapers & Games, designed for christmas live lovers. Replaces your new tab to christmas live new tab.
10 100,000+
inWebo Helium Backup
#19. inWebo Helium Backup (v2.1.1)
This extension guarantees availability of inWebo One-Time Passwords generators in any circumstances
9 100,000+
#20. Userlane (v20.15.0)
The Navigation System for software that allows anybody to use any application instantly
7 100,000+
Referer Manager
#21. Referer Manager (v1.5.2)
Control your referer headers. Apply flexible rules to block, allow, or change HTTP referer.
7 100,000+
Jesus New Tab Wallpapers & Games, created just for jesus fans. Changes your tab with a cool jesus new tab wallpapers.
6 100,000+
Bing New Tab Wallpapers & Games, designed just for bing fans. Changes your new tab to an epic bing new tab wallpapers and games.
4 100,000+
Simple Currency Converter Extension For Google Chrome - Fast & Easy to Use.
4 100,000+
Serial port connector for's physical computing unit
4 100,000+
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