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Bubble Booms Start
When you install our chrome extension, your new tab will change to the Bubble Booms Games new tab. Easily access free games.
1 767,023
Video Speed Master
#2. Video Speed Master (v1.7.5)
Adjust playback speed for any video
5 763,868
Wink Coupons
#3. Wink Coupons (v1.2.0)
Wink Coupons will provide you an outstanding shopping experience. Save money while doing your favorite things online.
1 699,672
Adblock blocks ads, pop-up and prerolls for Youtube. Best FREE adblock.
13 561,814
Atalho de texto
#5. Atalho de texto (v1.0)
Atalhos para textos num só clique
1 332,223
Mister Clean
#6. Mister Clean (v1.0.1774)
Keep your browser history a mystery with Mister Clean.
1 253,191
VEXcode IQ
#7. VEXcode IQ (v2.0.5.825-0cb18e93cf)
VEXcode IQ
1 253,080
Browser Checkup parasite-extensions that make your browser slow and clanky. Get examed by the Doctor & make your browser young again
2 238,587
Touch devices full-screen virtual keyboard for private typing.
2 225,315
Just two clicks of the right mouse button - and you can easily find various products for your photo on eBay™!
2 200,642
P3 Tips
#11. P3 Tips (v1.1)
Share information anonymously with Crime Stoppers programs, Law Enforcement entities, and schools.
1 196,676
E START をスタートページに設定します。
1 196,447
inWebo Helium Backup
#13. inWebo Helium Backup (v2.1.1)
This extension guarantees availability of inWebo One-Time Passwords generators in any circumstances
9 169,778
SAP Enable Now
#14. SAP Enable Now (v1.0.0.10)
Extension to allow desktop assistant playback in Google Chrome by using SAP Enable Now
6 167,035
The best site blocker extension on chrome - block porn websites & any other sites
5 166,406
LibKey Nomad
#16. LibKey Nomad (v1.9.1)
One-click access to millions of scholarly articles.
9 155,716
Eyedropper Pro
#17. Eyedropper Pro (v4.23)
Pick colors from the web
2 140,487
VEXcode V5
#18. VEXcode V5 (v2.0.6.63-e552a85651)
VEXcode V5
3 140,236
Le Coin Raccourcis
#19. Le Coin Raccourcis (v1.1)
Configurez vos raccourcis clavier
1 138,512
Math Clock helps students become fluent working with time. Learners use analog clocks with geared or free-moving hands to learn how…
1 137,267
My Global Scoop
#21. My Global Scoop (v1.2)
My Global Scoop
1 135,596
Serial port connector for's physical computing unit
4 131,610
Video speed buttons
#23. Video speed buttons (v1.14)
Add video speed control buttons to online videos
1 128,516
Easy New Tab
#24. Easy New Tab (v1.10)
New tab page with beautiful background and without distracting things
1 114,278
#25. WeatherBlink (v13.962.19.39317)
Access local weather forecasts, weather radar, and worldwide weather news with this Chrome New Tab Extension.
7 109,700
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