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Nearpod for Classroom
Access your Nearpod Library and assign Live and Student-Paced lessons directly to Google Classroom.
7 475,198
Get The Cats and Kittens Extension With More Additional Features
1,427 349,755
Dream Afar New Tab
#3. Dream Afar New Tab (v0.3.13)
An unexpected trip everyday by simply opening a new tab
3 336,710
P3 Tips
#4. P3 Tips (v1.1)
Share information anonymously with Crime Stoppers programs, Law Enforcement entities, and schools.
1 274,975
Get Accurate Weather, PUBG High Quality Wallpapers, Clock, Time, Date And More With PUBG New Tab
559 275,612
Cool Russell Westbrook Wallpapers To Brighten Up Your Day!
316 247,419
Nature, Space & Galaxy Is The Best New Tab Extension You Ever Saw - Nature, Space & Galaxy Wallpapers And More Amazing Features
25 235,619
Easy to use picture in picture plugin
1 56,533
Dragon Ball Super DBZ Is The Best New Tab Extension You Ever Saw - Dragon Ball Super DBZ Wallpapers And More Amazing Features
20 189,721
E START をスタートページに設定します。
1 165,155
#11. MultiSearch (v0.1.1)
Новая вкладка и поиск в адресной строке от MultiSearch
5 165,731
Cute Dogs NewTab
Fun Cute Dogs Wallpapers For Your Browser.
342 194,726
Educators & students: Build games. Learn to code!
1 167,013
inWebo Helium Backup
#14. inWebo Helium Backup (v2.1.0)
This extension guarantees availability of inWebo One-Time Passwords generators in any circumstances
9 159,102
Mister Clean
#15. Mister Clean (v1.0.1774)
Keep your browser history a mystery with Mister Clean.
1 168,978
SAP Enable Now
#16. SAP Enable Now (v1.0.0.10)
Extension to allow desktop assistant playback in Google Chrome by using SAP Enable Now
6 138,383
My Global Scoop
#17. My Global Scoop (v1.2)
My Global Scoop
1 135,595
Mailto Rápido
#18. Mailto Rápido (v1.0)
Facilite seus envios e cópias de e-mail
1 121,718
DisplayNote Extension
#19. DisplayNote Extension (v1.0.1)
Join a DisplayNote session to share your screen and content.
1 122,536
Le Coin Raccourcis
#20. Le Coin Raccourcis (v1.1)
Configurez vos raccourcis clavier
1 119,894
Foxy Newtab
#21. Foxy Newtab (v09b2698)
A beautiful homepage everytime you open a browser tab, instant results helping you get to what you're searching for faster.
3 113,493
Serial port connector for's physical computing unit
3 106,651
Dodatek umożliwia zapisywanie danych programu fillUp w pamięci dodatku oraz wyszukiwanie formularzy fillUp Formularze w Google
1 97,675
Quick access in the autocomplete suggestions to search for online games on gaming sites, directly from your Chrome’s address bar.
1 96,913
Sky SafeSearch
#25. Sky SafeSearch (v2.0.4)
Sky SafeSearch' Extension Provides You With a Secured Search Engine That Keeps You Protected From Unsafe Sites.
1 104,323
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