Chrome extension monetization
Chrome extension monetization

Chrome extensions

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Block ads and pop-ups on YouTube, Facebook, Twitch, and your favorite websites.
295,157 10,000,000+
#2. Honey (v12.8.2)
Automatically find and apply coupon codes when you shop online!
161,978 10,000,000+
Block YouTube™ ads, pop-ups & fight malware!
172,202 10,000,000+
#4. Tampermonkey (v4.11)
The world's most popular userscript manager
65,982 10,000,000+
Google Translate
#5. Google Translate (v2.0.9)
View translations easily as you browse the web. By the Google Translate team.
43,258 10,000,000+
Grammarly for Chrome
#6. Grammarly for Chrome (v14.984.0)
Write your best with Grammarly for Chrome.
39,027 10,000,000+
LastPass, an award-winning password manager, saves your passwords and gives you secure access from every computer and mobile device.
29,253 10,000,000+
Avast Online Security
#8. Avast Online Security (v20.2.500)
Avast browser security and web reputation plugin.
25,109 10,000,000+
uBlock Origin
#9. uBlock Origin (v1.30.6)
Finally, an efficient blocker. Easy on CPU and memory.
23,496 10,000,000+
Find the best prices, deals and discount coupons while shopping online with the price comparison and coupon extension by Avast.
11,214 10,000,000+
Best PDF and Document Annotation and Markup Tool. Works with Google Drive and Google Classroom
8,568 10,000,000+
Google Photos
#12. Google Photos (v1.0)
Store, search, and share a lifetime of photos
3,670 10,000,000+
#13. Text (v0.5.168)
A text editor for Chrome OS and Chrome.
1,271 10,000,000+
Google Classroom
#14. Google Classroom (v1.8)
Classroom helps teachers save time, keep classes organized, and improve communication with students.
1,237 10,000,000+
Merge PDF files, view them in a browser and download.
85 8,699,557
Unblock websites blocked in your country, company or school with Hola VPN. Hola is free and easy to use!
350,014 8,497,850
Adblock for Youtube™
Removes ads from Youtube™.
131,102 8,420,388
Just Black
#18. Just Black (v3)
Midnight monochrome
3,205 8,132,376
AdGuard AdBlocker
#19. AdGuard AdBlocker (v3.5.20)
Unmatched adblock extension against advertising and pop-ups. Blocks ads on Facebook, YouTube and all other websites.
49,890 7,726,287
Google Keep Chrome Extension
#20. Google Keep Chrome Extension (v4.20472.600.1)
Save to Google Keep in a single click!
7,326 7,712,623
Zoom Scheduler
#21. Zoom Scheduler (v1.6.0)
Schedule Zoom meetings directly from Google Calendar
821 7,444,909
360 Internet Protection
360 Internet Protection
5,360 7,082,873
Find the best prices, deals and discount coupons while shopping online with the price comparison and coupon extension by AVG.
1,625 6,242,431
Google Drawings
#24. Google Drawings (v1.1)
Create shapes and diagrams
3,151 6,232,955
Save to Google Drive
#25. Save to Google Drive (v2.1.2)
Save web content or screen capture directly to Google Drive.
4,637 5,863,700
36,564 results