Chrome extension monetization
Chrome extension monetization

Chrome extensions

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#1. Colorgrab (v2.43)
Grab colors from any website. Fast and reliable color picker tool
0 241,924
Resumo Wiki
#2. Resumo Wiki (v0.1)
Resumo links Wikipedia
0 212,109
PDF Toolkit
#3. PDF Toolkit (v1.4.0)
PDF essential tools: Merge, Convent, Download PDF files
0 188,982
Chrome Safe
#4. Chrome Safe (v0.4)
Blocks unsafe sites
0 185,003
#5. Collage (v1.0.8.163)
Clear Touch Collage app allows you to mirror your Chromebook to the Clear Touch Panel. Collage is a great tool for sharing your…
0 183,724
Just two clicks of the right mouse button - and you can easily find various products for your photo on eBay™!
0 182,170
Choix messagerie
#7. Choix messagerie (v1.0)
Sélectionnez votre messagerie préférée
0 156,584
Enablement Assistant
#8. Enablement Assistant (v1.0.0.2)
Extension to create and play back in-app help content for web applications.
0 148,666
#9. 樱桃购物助手 (v1.0.3)
0 133,954
Clicca e-mail
#10. Clicca e-mail (v1.0)
Salva gli indirizzi e-mail che vuoi
0 130,052
Learn iLit
#11. Learn iLit (v9.3.2)
Please use this Version 9 Student app only for the 2019-2020 school year! Version 9 supports the 2019/2020 school year and is…
0 126,691
Easy New Tab
#12. Easy New Tab (v1.10)
New tab page with beautiful background and without distracting things
0 113,809
Seleziona la tua messaggistica preferita
0 112,898
RoSE Extension
#14. RoSE Extension (v0.0.9)
Roche Service Experience Extension
0 111,152
Install Flash Tab - make your chrome experience convenient with beautiful backgrounds and easy access to your favorite websites.
0 105,195
Night mode
#16. Night mode (v1.4.0)
Enable night mode for websites
0 99,608
Sphero Blocks
#17. Sphero Blocks (v1.1)
ScratchX application for Sphero
0 96,220
Dragon Ball Z Kai New Tab Extension brings a new look to your Chrome browser.
0 90,101
Check your spelling anytime
0 77,969
Fast Car Searches
#20. Fast Car Searches (v1.2)
Change your New Tab Background to a Fast Car photo
0 77,633
The Form Finder
#21. The Form Finder (v1.5)
Find your nessesary forms and set custom background in your browser new tab.
0 77,409
Quick And Easy PDF
#22. Quick And Easy PDF (v1.6)
Quick and easily merge more than one pdf in your browser newtab.
0 77,195
Audio Booster
#23. Audio Booster (v1.6.5)
Increase audio volume above maximum.
0 77,190
Sport Car Searches
#24. Sport Car Searches (v1.2)
Change your New Tab Background to a Sport Car photo
0 77,156
Religious Searches
#25. Religious Searches (v1.2)
Change your Search Engine Background to a Religious photo
0 77,034
99,417 results