List of Chrome extensions with 1 rating

Extensions are small programs that run inside web browsers like Google Chrome. They add extra features to the browser without having to download anything new. You can use extensions to make browsing faster, easier, and safer. Some extensions even let you do things like translate text on websites, search the web, and play games.

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#1 天气 天气
Publisher: jinhui.xu002
User count: 912,831
Rating: 1
#2 Imagine Learning Student Imagine Learning Student
User count: 900,000
Rating: 1
Students can get access to Imagine Español® and Imagine Language & Literacy® through the Imagine Learning Student app.
#3 QR Code Reader - Sateraito Office QR Code Reader - Sateraito Office
Publisher: Sateraito Office
User count: 838,303
Rating: 1
You can scan the QR code and open the WEB page a on Chromebook or Chrome browser by QR Code Reader. You can also save scan history,…
#4 think-cell think-cell
User count: 762,551
Rating: 1
Extension for the think-cell application on your Windows PC or Mac. (think-cell installation required)
#5 Find Font Find Font
Publisher: kinokata157
User count: 655,146
Rating: 1
Now you can easily identify any font on the page with just one click.
#6 Enablement Assistant Enablement Assistant
Publisher: SAP SE
User count: 570,001
Rating: 1
Extension to create and play back in-app help content for web applications.
#7 Collage Collage
User count: 537,630
Rating: 1
Clear Touch Collage app allows you to mirror your Chromebook to the Clear Touch Panel. Collage is a great tool for sharing your…
#8 E START Startup-page Setting Tool E START Startup-page Setting Tool
User count: 456,129
Rating: 1
E START をスタートページに設定します。
#9 Video Downloader Video Downloader
Publisher: dev team
User count: 416,087
Rating: 1
Allows to save video files from popular website in the same quality as original one
#10 Brawl Stars Wallpapers and New Tab Brawl Stars Wallpapers and New Tab
Publisher: tabtabchose
User count: 363,060
Rating: 1
Give your Chrome a new look with Brawl Stars wallpapers.
#11 Battlefield 5 Wallpaper Battlefield 5 Wallpaper
Publisher: CHSTaB
User count: 362,671
Rating: 1
Battlefield 5 wallpaper turn new tab to custom HD Battlefield 5 background.
#12 Money Pieces, by The Math Learning Center Money Pieces, by The Math Learning Center
User count: 290,743
Rating: 1
Visualize and understand money values and relationships
#13 Crazy Car Game for Chrome Crazy Car Game for Chrome
Publisher: minecraft2site
User count: 281,723
Rating: 1
Play Crazy Car HTML5 game for free!
#14 Clevershare Clevershare
Publisher: Clevertouch
User count: 244,279
Rating: 1
Cast from your Chromebook directly to your Clevertouch interactive Display! This application only works with Clevershare version 2…
#15 券多多 券多多
Publisher: llrenfua
User count: 232,814
Rating: 1
#16 P3 Tips P3 Tips
Publisher: P3 Tips
User count: 222,763
Rating: 1
Share information anonymously with Crime Stoppers programs, Law Enforcement entities, and schools.
#17 Win Bird 授業支援 クライアント Win Bird 授業支援 クライアント
User count: 213,766
Rating: 1
#18 橙光日历 橙光日历
Publisher: sundanqc
User count: 185,809
Rating: 1
#19 CFCA CryptoKit.CIB Extension CFCA CryptoKit.CIB Extension
Publisher: CFCA
User count: 171,910
Rating: 1
CFCA Security Application Development Kit
#21 Private Mode Private Mode
User count: 163,439
Rating: 1
Enables easy access to private search engines directly from the autocomplete of your address bar.
#22 USO  Chrome  Extension USO Chrome Extension
User count: 151,958
Rating: 1
USO Extension for Chrome Native Messaging.
#23 ExamView Student ExamView Student
User count: 146,802
Rating: 1
ExamView Student allows you to answer ExamView questions using Chromebook.
#24 Roblox Wallpaper Roblox Wallpaper
User count: 133,411
Rating: 1
Roblox wallpaper turn new tab to custom HD Roblox background.
#25 Roblox Wallpaper Roblox Wallpaper
Publisher: CnTabs
User count: 132,604
Rating: 1
Roblox wallpaper turn new tab to custom HD Roblox background.
29,005 results. Page 1 of 1161.