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Donald Duck
#1. Donald Duck (v1.3)
A fan-made theme of Walt Disney's Donald Duck. It suits every resolution. Enjoy! :D
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Andromeda Galaxy
The Andromeda Galaxy
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City Lights.
#3. City Lights. (v1)
I love Adi.<3
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#4. Сталкер (v1.6)
Невероятная тема оформления для
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English Lessons - Gymglish
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Meu Cupom Alerta
#6. Meu Cupom Alerta (v2.1.1)
Encontre os melhores cupons de descontos, promoções e ofertas em tempo real, enquanto navega nas suas lojas favoritas online!
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Developer tool for exercising the Chrome Automation API
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海鹰数据(haiyingshuju),帮助商家 选产品,找货源。
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#9. WME JNF (v0.2.6)
WME Junction Node Fixer
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A coloring app meant for adults -- suitable for everyone.
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Shooting Star (yellow)
A theme with an yellow star pattern.
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Fireworks 1080p
#12. Fireworks 1080p (v0.3.0)
A dark theme with an image of fireworks.
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AI2 Client
#13. AI2 Client (v2.0)
Everything you need to build Android apps and more!
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#14. Musica (v1.6)
Simple app to download your favorite music
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Analytics Tracker
#15. Analytics Tracker (v1.0.1)
Extends the Developer Tools, adding tools for tracking the data logged to google analytics
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Sky at Night
#16. Sky at Night (v3)
Theme of the Sky at night.
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City Night Animated - Full HD - Axlg
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Symbols for pasting
#18. Symbols for pasting (v0.0.0.16)
Click on a symbol to copy it.
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Comic grabber 2
#19. Comic grabber 2 (v2.1.8)
화면에 보여지는 이미지의 저장을 도와줍니다. 일부 사이트의 경우에는 자동화 템플릿을 제공하며, 자동화 템플릿을 직접 제작하여 적용할 수 있습니다.
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Atomic AI
#20. Atomic AI (v4.1.9)
You Make a Lot of Content, We Make it Great.
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Keeper of the Home
#21. Keeper of the Home (v0.0.0.1)
Naturally Inspired living for homemakers!
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Chromebook Simulator
This extension one-click resizes your window to the typical size of a fullscreen Chromebook. It is very simple.
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Styles for GSheet
#23. Styles for GSheet (v5.0)
Use style to your cells. To apply a style, select cells and click the style in the sidebar.
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Find the best products to sell on Amazon
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#25. Trellonet (v2.1.1)
Trellonet vpn offers free, anonymous, secure, unlimited VPN services to unlock any website and internet service.
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