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Enjoy HD backgrounds of motorcycles from MotoGP with every new tab you open.
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Auto Ad Mute
#2. Auto Ad Mute (v1.8)
This mutes youtube ad audio.
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Never stop to click that 'YES' button again.
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Tens Matrix
#4. Tens Matrix (v1.0.0.1)
Tens Matrix Game
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#5. Sellsy (v1.2)
Invoicing and CRM for smart companies
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Tokenly Pockets
#6. Tokenly Pockets (v0.2.2)
Digital Token Wallet powered by Bitcoin
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#7. Headlines (v0.0.0.2)
A fast way to keep up with a world of news
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Reddit Video Linker
#8. Reddit Video Linker (v1.0.1)
Get the direct link to a video on reddit
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Get rid of the photos and videos section on top of a page
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#10. Showbox (v1.4.5)
Showbox is a library HD quality latest tv shows and movies.
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#11. AcFun-CIP (v2.4.0)
AcFun Comment Instrumentality Project Extension(A站评论补全计划插件)
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Extension Giaonhan247 giúp khách hàng có thể trải nghiệm mua sắm không giới hạn quốc gia, nhanh chóng, thân thiện, tin cậy.
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Just remove the scroll for details from YouTube.
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URL Redirector
#14. URL Redirector (v1.0)
Redirect url by pattern to any place you want.
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Spheres of Madness
#15. Spheres of Madness (v0.4.0.2)
Fast paced upbeat Bubble Shooter game. Clear the field to advance through the levels!
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Read Epub3 books!
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Network Checker
#17. Network Checker (v0.0.0.2)
This extension shows if the networkconnection is online or offline
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Pathmatics Explorer
#18. Pathmatics Explorer (v3.0.12)
The Pathmatics Explorer extension gives you real-time advertising information for the top Advertisers and Publishers on the web.
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#19. Argyle_Winter (v1)
A light and fresh winter theme inspired by cozy argyle socks and sweaters. Don't forget you can resize the image on your home…
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#20. NYC (v1.4)
New York City as viewed from the Empire State Building
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#21. UNO (v2.0.1)
Mítico juego de uno, juego offline. Creado en flash, requiere activar el flash en chrome.
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KakaoTalk: Free Calls & Text Browser extension
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Password Viewer
#23. Password Viewer (v1.0)
This extension will toggle password inputs to text
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WebSQL Cleaner
#24. WebSQL Cleaner (v0.1)
Clear webSQL DB
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Power Rangers Games
#25. Power Rangers Games (v0.0.2)
Power Rangers Games They come in many colors, but together they are one. Play your favorite Power Rangers Games!
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