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Homer Simpson
#1. Homer Simpson (v1)
Homer Simpson Theme For Chrome - This Theme Is Free To Download & Comes With Free Lifetime Updates... •CHROME THEMES ->-…
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Grey Triangles
#2. Grey Triangles (v3.2.0)
A theme with a grey triangle pattern.
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Mit dieser App kannst du bequem Netzkino nutzen und kostenlos & legal über 1500 Spielfilme schauen.
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Console Injector
#4. Console Injector (v0.1.1)
Easily inject javascript libraries from the console
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SelfEyes Toolkit
#5. SelfEyes Toolkit (v4.0.0.3)
SelfEyes Toolkit, WebPage to PDF, WebPage to Image
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Try your memory with Animals Memory Game
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Refresh all windows
This will refresh all tabs in all windows.
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動畫瘋 Plus
#8. 動畫瘋 Plus (v1.0.0)
讓巴哈動畫瘋在使用上更方便。 主要功能大部分都擺在右鍵裡 目前功能: - 自動點選年齡分級確認(可選) - 開關燈 - 跳 OP (以幾個常見的 OP 長度為標準) - 調整影片速度 - 切換子母畫面(Chrome 內建功能)…
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Control Spotify playback from Chrome
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Nerdy Image Downloader
#10. Nerdy Image Downloader (v1.1.14)
Downloads images from Pinterest board into zip
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XPath Generator by SchemaApp
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#12. WordBog (v3.0.6)
Make words by joining letters up, down, left, right or diagonally. Submit your score to see how you compare to Facebook friends.
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Open outlook on documentum and send email with documents
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Simple Player Using the URL
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Markdown Menu for GitHub
Adds a navigation menu to any readme or Markdown file on GitHub.
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Frameless for Tumblr
#16. Frameless for Tumblr (v0.2.1)
External Frameless Window for Tumblr
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Quick Settings
#17. Quick Settings (v1.3)
One click settings shortcuts for Google Chrome™
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Introduce Forex
#18. Introduce Forex (v0.0.0.1)
Learn how to become an introducing Broker and enjoy competitive payouts
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Chrome extension to monitor WebSocket frames
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Crypto Raiders Companion
The crypto raiders extentions you always needed!
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Quickly add a reminder for yourself and friends (Android App also available)
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Figma - Repeat Grids
#22. Figma - Repeat Grids (v0.0.3)
A Figma plugin to duplicate a table of selected layers
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#23. ふむふむ君🐾 (v6.7.0)
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Toon Blast is an epic puzzle game that is currently available for android devices. Enjoy Toon Blast for pc Using an easy technique.
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TeleApp adds a handy 'Push to iPhone' button on any iOS App Store link, so you can push the app directly to your iPhone.
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