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Version: 27.3.0 (Last updated: 2022-01-19)
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🚀 Season 1 is here! Play and earn rewards - new ships, emojis, avatar accessories, and more! 

Play with Friends! Battles with viking ships in your browser new tab with your friends and other players. Queue up multiple matches and play a few seconds at a time in-between studying / working!  

- if you want to keep your default new tab page, you can also turn off the new tab mode in the settings and play using the browser button. 

- Super Bite-sized Gameplay, Perfect for the Few Seconds You Have to Take a Break in-between Tasks
- Play with Your Friends!
- Intense Multiplayer Action with Unique Ships and Monsters
- Turn-based Classic Gameplay with Exciting Special Attacks
- Two game modes. Play Intense mode in real-time, or take longer turns in Casual mode. 
- Build Your Own Fleets!
- Queue Up Multiple Matches
- Vikings!

How to Play BattleTabs:

🛶 Find us on:
- Discord:
 (10k members! 😀)
- Reddit:
- To support the development on the game, we may show advertisements in the product. We will make sure they don't detract from the experience of the game!

⛵️Updates: (more on

**New in 27.3 (19/01/2022)**
- Users can now be "Shadow Banned". This means their scores will no longer show in the leaderboards for other players.
- Added 30 days to the season to give us more time to work on what comes next.
- Now in a draw the person that last took a turn will be declared the winner.
- Fixed an issue where a comboing ship targeting would continue after a page refresh if the opponent surrendered.
- Made the game run on smaller screen sizes.
- Fixed the levelup modal so that it no longer references rewards beyond lvl 60

**New in 27.2 (07/01/2022)**
- Added some user suggested maps. They wont be entered into the rotation for a couple of weeks however as we need to give it some time for users' clients to update
- Removed the winter snow (leaving it on the rocks for now)
- Fixed an issue where it would display level 100 for players that have reached max level
- There is no longer a "Max Level". You can continue to level past lvl 60. There are currently no rewards past level 60 other than bragging rights :)
- Fixed an issue where replays would show every turn as an AI turn
- A bunch of under-the-covers stuff

**New in 27.1 (04/01/2022)**
- Fixed an issue where the players season level sometimes wasnt showed correctly on the profile view
- Fixed a few minor visual issues
- Replay mode now shows if the turn was taken by an AI or human
- Added an optional arguments (min and max) to the discord "top-levels" command
- Added an optional arguments (min and max) to the discord "top-scores" command

**New in 27.0 (20/12/2021)**
- Squid can now attack on hit and sunk tiles
- Surrendering players now get rewards in some situations
- Fixed and issue where the AI would sometimes play in Long battles
- Fixed an error during the tutorial

**New in 26.0 (18/12/2021)**
- Added EXPERIMENTAL AI turn taking for Quick battles where the opponent has gone offline. This is to make the game less annoying when an opponent times-out. The AI is very simple so you should still win the battle. Let us know in the comments what you think of this! As this is experimental, we may turn it off on the server-side (without an update) at any time.
- Added another shirt to the season rewards, it is available at level 58 (it was missing for some reason)
- Fixed an issue where a player could sometimes take a turn even if the battle should have been finished.

**New in 25.5 (17/12/2021)**
- Sped up the "battle finished" process on the server
- Active Friends List is now a list (for performance reasons on slower devices)
- Improved in-game notifications
- Fixed the discord streamer icon so it now correctly shows when someone is streaming or not
- The Announcement modal auto-shows when there is announcement once again 

**New in 25.4 (15/12/2021)**
- The rules for "Battle Abandon" are being relaxed so that 0 xp rewards now happen less often:

1. The battle is no longer "abandoned" for the winning player if 10 or more turns were played.
2. Increased the number of required remaining ships from 2 to 3 before the battle is considered abandoned during timeout or surrender.

- Added some xmas decoration about the place
- No longer celebrating 0xp rewards
- Added season progress to the player profile
- Can now watch battle replays without being logged in
- Emotes now appear under the emote wheel
- If you accept a public battle or are matchmade then your other intense battle proposals will be cancelled

**New in 25.3 (10/12/2021)**
- There are now new rules around XP and Score to prevent people "farming exploits". These are the rules:
Any XP (or score) that is earned at the end of a game is only earned if the game was reasonably played to the end - not “abandoned”.

A game is considered “abandoned” to you if:
1. You lose because you time out (“ghosting”)
2. Opponent ghosts when they still have 2 or more ships left
3. A player surrenders when they still have 2 or more ships left

- Your score is no longer simply: wins * 6 + losses. It now changes depending on the various rewards for a battle.
- Added some tooltips to each of the rewards on the Game Over Modal to explain the reason for each reward.
- It is no longer possible to have fractions of an xp
- The New Battle Page no longer shows clouds (to be consistent)
- Fixed the Medals and Battles History on the Profile Page sometimes getting confused with another personals Medals or Battle History

**New in 25.2 (07/12/2021)**
- Fixed an issue where the Avatar Frame for lvl 15 and 16, 35 and 36, 55 and 56 were the same
- Fixed an issue where battle history items on both the battles page and profile were showing "updatedAt" times instead of "finishedAt" times
- Fixed an issue where you would get an error if you viewed a users profile using their shortId instead of their full Id
- Clicking a battle from the history now takes you to the replay if you arent part of the battle

**New in 25.1 (06/12/2021)**
- Fixed an issue where it would say you timed out when it was the opponent
- Fixed an issue that displayed the season as 90 days remaining, it should have been 60
- Fixed an issue where clicking a ship blueprint portrait would keep opening more modals
- Fixed an issue where it wasnt possible to get a perfect or easy win
- Added a new penalty for playing the same person repeatedly in the same day:
      You only earn 50% XP after the first 6 games against the same player in a single day.
      You only earn 25% XP after the first 12 games against the same player in a single day.
- Added another fleet slot for Battle Pass members
- Hand cursor changes when scrolling the progress bar
- Added a discord command for listing the top players by score
- Added a discord command for listing the top players by season level
- The /player discord command now shows the players level
- Added a couple of admin discord commands
- Reset scores admin discord command now also resets medals and season progress
- You can now only surrender on your turn
- Improved the surrender button to let you know exactly why you cannot surrender
- Player profile now has another tab that shows the players battle history
- Notifications now stay open longer
- There is now a warning prompt before buying a blueprint

**New in 25.0 (03/12/2021)**
- MASSIVE New Update!
- Season 1 - Pirates Starts, earn XP and levelup during the season to claim epic rewards!
- 6 New ships
- 29 New Avatar Parts
- 24 New Emotes
- 5 New Medals
- Earn gold and gems to rent and buy ship blueprints
- Huge number of other smaller upgrades and bugfixes, this is an update not to miss!

**New in 24.1 (24/11/2021)**
- Fixed the 0 seconds remaining on timeout bug once and for all!

**New in 24.0 (30/10/2021)**
- Added an "Obscure" effect to the Seamonster, should hopefully make it a little more competitive in the meta :)
- Added a bunch more sound effects, more to come!
- Fixed an issue where the Longboat (and other comboing ships) would not have their cooldown reset if you timed-out during a combo
- Fixed an issue where the turn timer would incorrectly report 0 seconds remaining even tho you have only just started the turn.

**New in 23.1 (02/11/2021)**
- Fixed the updates page
- Removed the halloween themed content

**New in 23.1 (02/11/2021)**
- Fixed the updates page
- Removed the halloween themed content

**New in 23.0 (30/10/2021)**
- Fixed an issue where some Battle replays would be broken

**New in 22.1 (26/10/2021)**
- New "GL" emote
- Notifications have had an overhaul, should once again tell you who took a turn etc
- Fixed an issue where friends would always appear offline if that was the first page that was opened when the game opened
- Added some debug info in the options to help with bug support

**New in 22.0 (19/10/2021)**
- Longsub no longer self-destructs when there is only 3 tiles left
- Added a new "Neutral" custom emote
- Revealed tiles are now more obvious
- You can now "logout" from your user profile
- Added a "full screen" button to the homepage
- Added a new medal for Community Testeroonies
- The Battle Club membership modal now fits better on smaller screens
- There is now no longer the "your system time differs" warning, we did some magic that lets us offset your inaccurate system time vs the time the server thinks it is
- Added a close button to the Battle Club membership modal
- There are no longer two presence badges on some avatars
- Users avatar is now clickable from the positioning ships and waiting for opponent screen
- BattleTabs Live now @mentions you if you have linked to Discord. It however will not "ping" you.
- BattleTabs Live has had a few upgrades. A player's score is now clickable which will take you to their profile.
- Fixed an issue where medals were able to be equipped multiple times
- The "waiting for battle" floating avatar on the battles button now has its tooltip properly aligned (thanks Tediooooo for this and a bunch of others!)
- Descending letters are no longer cut off on your fleet name in the shipyard
- A heap of other small UI improvements and tweaks 

**New in 21.4 (08/10/2021)**
- Fixed the newtab page not being skippable on the extension

**New in 21.3 (07/10/2021)**
- Fixed the dead coracle offset problem
- Added the icon back again that tells you that the player proposing the battle is of a lower version
- Fixed the halloween background thumbnail on the customise homepage

**New in 21.2 (05/10/2021)**
- 🦇 🦇 🦇 🦇 🦇 🦇 🦇 🦇 🦇 🦇 🦇 🦇 🦇

**New in 21.1 (03/10/2021)**
- Improved the way battles "feel" by optimistically updating the local state when a turn is taken
- The BattleClub modal now shows the price on the buy button
- Fixed the win streaks in BattleTabs Live
- Fixed BC not being purchasable

**New in 21.0 (01/10/2021)**
- Hotfix for the broken Slug

**New in 20.0 (01/10/2021)**
- New Ship! "Chaotic Machinist" - "Choose 4 tiles to attack. For each successful hit, randomly destroy a tile on this ship." - BattleClub Only
- See Slug is no longer a BattleClub only ship.
- The Longboat is no longer able to hit rocks.
- The Sharpshooter fleet has been removed from the game
- A new News button on the Home Page
- The tab title now better reflects the page you are one.
- Now showing a loading symbol in a few places for better feedback
- Other various minor UI improvements

**New in 19.4 (23/09/2021)**
- Fixed an issue on the extension where the game would open with a blank page (v19.2)
- Moved the "Add Friends" button to the top of the Friends Page
- Added an "Update Available" button to the Home Page
- The Update Available button is now clickable once again!

**New in 19.3 (23/09/2021)**
- Non-BC ships in the Shipyard no longer tell you that you need BC to unlock them
- Removed the debug "flower"
- The profile page now uses the vertical space better

**New in 19.2 (21/09/2021)**
- Can no longer view a replay before a battle has started
- Added a rematch button to online players in the battle history section on the battles page
- Fixed a crash in the existing user modal when signing up
- Added the homepage background to the other pages (except the battle page for performance reasons)

**New in 19.1 (19/09/2021)**
- Correct battle type names now used on the match invite modal
- Clicking a friend invite related modal will now take you to the friends page
- Friends list is now categorized by online / offline status
- Friends in friends list are now sorted in reverse order that the friendship was created (newer friends to the top)
- Friends on the friends page now use the correct cursor
- Number of API errors on screen now reduced

**New in 19.0 (19/09/2021)**
- MASSIVE New UI Update!
- Removed middle finger emoji
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