Most used Chrome Applications

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#1. YouTube (v4.2.8)
The official YouTube website
100,422 10,000,000+
#2. Gmail (v8.3)
Fast, searchable email with less spam.
60,732 10,000,000+
Google Drive
#3. Google Drive (v14.5)
Google Drive: create, share and keep all your stuff in one place.
52,063 10,000,000+
#4. Docs (v0.10)
Create and edit documents
25,480 10,000,000+
Google Keep - Notes and Lists
#5. Google Keep - Notes and Lists (v4.22032.600.1)
Quickly capture what's on your mind and share those thoughts with friends and family.
21,377 10,000,000+
#6. Sheets (v1.2)
Create and edit spreadsheets
11,087 10,000,000+
#7. Slides (v0.10)
Create and edit presentations
8,428 10,000,000+
#8. Calculator (v2.2.8)
A calculator with 29-functions for basic arithmetic, algebra, trigonometry and discrete math.…
1,724 10,000,000+
#9. Text (v0.6.5)
A text editor for Chrome OS and Chrome.
1,299 10,000,000+
Google Classroom
#10. Google Classroom (v1.8)
Classroom helps teachers save time, keep classes organized, and improve communication with students.
1,272 10,000,000+
#11. Zoom (v5.0.4295.1111)
Zoom Cloud Meetings for Chrome
1,572 10,000,000+
Best PDF and Document Annotation and Markup Tool. Works with Google Drive and Google Classroom
5,447 8,000,000+
Mobility Print
#13. Mobility Print (v1.3.2)
Mobility Print
30 8,000,000+
Google Drawings
#14. Google Drawings (v1.1)
Create shapes and diagrams
3,154 7,000,000+
#15. @HP (v1.3)
HP Pavilion Chromebook.
192 7,000,000+
Editing software for Google Chrome OS, Win & iOS. Easy online movie maker with advanced video creation tools. Install & edit free.
12,404 5,000,000+
Google Forms
#17. Google Forms (v0.8)
Create online forms and surveys
7,553 5,000,000+
Word Online
#18. Word Online (v2.0)
Create, edit and share Word documents. Work with others on shared projects, in real-time.
4,349 5,000,000+
Google Play
#19. Google Play (v3.1)
A one-stop shop for all your favorite entertainment.
18,785 4,000,000+
#20. TypingClub (v6.0)
Master touch typing using this free game / educational program. This online program will assist you with learning and improving…
3,520 4,000,000+
Beautiful, powerful, free math exploration! Brought to you by
1,402 4,000,000+
Google Play Books
#22. Google Play Books (v1.1.14)
Choose from over 4 million books on Google Play and take your favorites with you for reading offline.
5,987 3,000,000+
Kindle Cloud Reader
#23. Kindle Cloud Reader (v1.7.0.1)
Kindle Cloud Reader - Read Kindle books in your browser, and shop on
3,364 3,000,000+
GeoGebra Classic
#24. GeoGebra Classic (v6.0.683.0)
Apps bundle including free tools for geometry, spreadsheet, probability, and CAS
2,004 3,000,000+
PowerPoint Online
#25. PowerPoint Online (v2.0)
Create, edit and share PowerPoint presentations. Work with others on shared projects, in real-time.
1,983 3,000,000+
17,656 results. Page 1 of 707.