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Save all of your ideas and experiences in Evernote, then access them from every computer and phone you use.

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Users: 2,648,635
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Version: 1.0.8 (Last updated: 2014-12-11)
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Evernote is an award-winning service that turns every computer and phone you use into an extension of your brain. Use Evernote to save your ideas, experiences and inspirations, then easily access them all at any time from anywhere.

Capture your memories
- Save all of your notes, research and projects into one place
- Create task lists and to-dos so you'll never forget a thing
- Clip interesting webpages using Evernote browser extensions and plugins
- Attach images, audio, PDFs, and more*

Find everything fast
- Organize your notes using notebooks and tags
- Search notes by keyword and text
- Automatic image processing lets you search for words inside photos

Access from anywhere
- All your notes are instantly synchronized among all the different versions you use
- In addition to Evernote Web, there are free downloadable versions of Evernote for Windows, Mac, Android, iPhone, iPad, BlackBerry, and more available at www.evernote.com.

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