Chrome extensions by collections

28 results
#1. Noisli (v2.0.4)
Your digital place for focus. Listen to background sounds to mask annoying noises and help you focus while you work, study or relax.
808 180,353
#2. Thyself (v1.3.2)
Master your mental health. Mood tracking, journal prompts, self-care, intention setting all in one place.
21 3,812
Relaxing Sounds by Giovesoft. Listen and relax with the sounds of nature. Ascolta e rilassati con i suoni della natura
381 17,438
Ambient noise and focus music. The most productive version of yourself.
29 9,548
#5. Current (v1.1.6)
Bring a microdose of mindfulness into the flow of your work day with every new tab
42 6,072
Start every search with motivation. This extension presents you with a motivational quote every time you open a new tab.
71 10,008
Leaf: Simple Notes
#7. Leaf: Simple Notes (v1.3.1)
A simple way to create and manage individual notes quickly and efficiently.
108 7,451
Reminds you to take a break.
40 7,887
Hey Habit
#9. Hey Habit (v0.1.42)
Replaces the new tab page with a personal dashboard to help you live a healthy lifestyle, build habits, and achieve long term goals.
96 8,862
#10. Nurture (v1.2.4)
Nurture a love of that which is good for you, and a dislike of that which is not.
7 1,025
Learn how to meditate, mindfulness, stress less. Nature sounds, live wallpapers and more.
31 7,774
Calm for Chrome
#12. Calm for Chrome (v0.0.0.2)
Stop mindless checking by taking a breath before you check! Facilitates alternative, productive ways to take a break.
40 7,659
Get ready, pose, and relax! Browse our extensive yoga theme and enjoy pose wallpapers with every new tab.
387 9,681
#14. Rainy (v1.1)
Add rainymood sounds. Logo designed by Icons designed by Google
68 9,411
#15. coffeelings (v3.50)
A mini journal tucked into your browser.
341 186,987
Stay focused in a pleasant way.
963 638,251
#17. Breath (v1.1)
Simple trick to automatically get energized and focused.
30 5,352
A minimal breathing tool that replaces your new tab page with a clear head.
7 1,148
The Good Place
#19. The Good Place (v1.0.5)
Replace new tab page with a personalized dashboard that brings your very own version of The Good Place right to your desktop.
65 9,805
An extension which shows motivating quotes on the new tab page.
22 2,119
Bell of Mindfulness
#21. Bell of Mindfulness (v1.2.3)
A bell that reminds us to breathe and be mindful of our body and mind.
156 11,250
#22. Breathe (v1.0.2)
Breathe reminds you to breathe during your work day, and activate the parasympathetic nervous system
16 1,340
In every new tab you’ll see one of Thich Nhat Hanh's calligraphies that serve as mindful reminders to pause, breathe and smile.
12 855
#24. MindHero (v1.11.25)
MindHero - Personal New Tab Page with Webtime Tracker, Pomodoro and To-Do.
33 1,016
Reach your goals - working out, reading, coding, anything - but first build a habit.
16 830