Chrome extensions by collections

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Experience a beautiful image from Google Earth every time you open a new tab.
5,230 916,043
Infinity New Tab
#2. Infinity New Tab (v10.0.43)
The New tab preferred by million users,add website icon,HD wallpapers,bookmark,weather,notes,to-do list,extended and history manager
10,404 681,907
Toby for Chrome
#3. Toby for Chrome (v0.7.4)
Better than bookmarks. Organize your browser tabs and access them quickly anywhere.
2,842 346,895
Google Arts & Culture
Art masterpieces from Google Arts & Culture in your browser tabs
1,581 281,393
Tab for a Cause
#5. Tab for a Cause (v6.0)
Raise money for charity with every browser tab you open!
1,176 239,399
Houzz Save Button
#6. Houzz Save Button (v2.2.7)
Save any idea to Houzz
183 172,703
#7. BattleTabs (v17.0.0.628)
Multiplayer Battles in your New Tab
641 136,223
Workona Tab Manager
#8. Workona Tab Manager (v2.21.6)
Organize your work in the browser.
2,340 118,184
Color Tab
#9. Color Tab (v2)
A Beautiful Color Palette With Every New Tab!
1,493 110,194
#10. Currently (v5.1.1)
Replace new tab screen with current time and weather.
2,045 84,399
Team task lists, notes, and video chat. Get work done faster and smarter with Taskade.
262 66,596
#12. nightTab (v6.6.0)
A neutral new tab page accented with a chosen colour. Customise the layout, style, background and bookmarks in nightTab.
154 59,854
Leoh New Tab
#13. Leoh New Tab (v0.22.19)
Replace your new tab with a minimalistic and customizable homepage featuring a clock, todo list, weather, bookmarks and much more!
6,748 44,934
A beautifully simplistic New Tab page that includes multiple clocks, date, search, quick links, and more! Fully customizable!
574 43,322
#15. Momentum (v2.2.37)
Replace new tab page with a personal dashboard featuring to-do, weather, and inspiration.
13,881 3,307,875
Tabby Cat
#16. Tabby Cat (v2.0.0)
A new friend in every tab.
5,078 485,196
Motivation with each new tab
432 32,559
The Washington Post
Stay informed with hand-picked stories from the editors of The Washington Post.
28 30,567
Change your default new tab for a new one with widgets and landscapes based on your local weather. Simple, beautiful, useful.
260 22,756
Zest New Tab helps marketers discover fresh marketing content to support their work, all contributed by a community of marketers.
72 19,128
Plan - Calendar & Tasks
The beautiful new tab page with your calendars and tasks.
51 17,552
Meeting notes with live video conferencing, chat, and collaborative task lists, notes, workspaces.
43 13,859
Switch Workstation
#23. Switch Workstation (v3.3.1)
Switch is a workstation that helps you manage web applications and accounts in 1 place.
56 11,391
Start every search with motivation. This extension presents you with a motivational quote every time you open a new tab.
71 10,158
The Good Place
#25. The Good Place (v1.0.5)
Replace new tab page with a personalized dashboard that brings your very own version of The Good Place right to your desktop.
65 9,588