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Volume Master
#1. Volume Master (v1.4.0)
Up to 600% volume boost
14,405 1,868,213
EQ any audio you find on the web, live! Crank the bass, dim the highs, up the vocals: all with Ears!
3,185 390,102
Bass Boost makes videos, songs, movies and more sound awesome by boosting your speakers or headphones.
1,053 71,917
Audio Channel
#4. Audio Channel (v2.7.4)
Tab audio limiter, equalizer, volume control and sound effects
309 32,112
TuneYou Radio
#5. TuneYou Radio (v1.0.3)
TuneYou Radio - Listen to tens of thousands worldwide high quality radio stations
331 54,398
Smart Mute
#6. Smart Mute (v5.4.7)
Listen to audio one tab at a time.
81 11,917
Multiple columns for viewing Ultimate-Guitar tabs
8 3,991
Audio Controlpad: Sync all your favorite web audio sources like music players, streaming video, radio, & podcasts—all in one place.
3,246 16,461
Add songs and music videos to your Playmoss playlists from any website.
21 4,722
Openwhyd ✚ track
#10. Openwhyd ✚ track (v2.22)
Add a music track to Openwhyd, from any web page
13 2,122 allows Medium writers to add audio to their articles.
29 3,504
Bandcamp New Tab
#12. Bandcamp New Tab (v0.0.3)
This extension replaces the default new tab content with a new Bandcamp album.
17 500