Chrome extensions by collections

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Google Translate
#1. Google Translate (v2.0.9)
View translations easily as you browse the web. By the Google Translate team.
43,593 10,000,000+
Fun custom cursors for Chrome™. Use a large collection of free cursors or upload your own.
28,132 4,987,442
Grammarly for Chrome
#3. Grammarly for Chrome (v14.1024.0)
Write your best with Grammarly for Chrome.
40,790 10,000,000+
Volume Master
#4. Volume Master (v1.4.0)
Up to 600% volume boost
14,405 1,868,213
#5. Momentum (v2.2.37)
Replace new tab page with a personal dashboard featuring to-do, weather, and inspiration.
13,887 3,298,376
Replaces default cursor with something cute, funny and trendy. Change the usual mouse pointer to an amazing custom cursor.
10,686 198,352
Best highlighting tool for Website and PDF. FREE and easy to use.
1,871 564,799
Check your texts for spelling and grammar problems everywhere on the web
5,322 1,140,273
Infinity New Tab
#9. Infinity New Tab (v10.0.43)
The New tab preferred by million users,add website icon,HD wallpapers,bookmark,weather,notes,to-do list,extended and history manager
10,390 683,043
Experience a beautiful image from Google Earth every time you open a new tab.
5,230 912,900
#11. nightTab (v6.6.0)
A neutral new tab page accented with a chosen colour. Customise the layout, style, background and bookmarks in nightTab.
153 55,831
Your all-in-one translator for web pages, highlighted text, & Netflix subtitles. Translate and learn words in 103 languages.
6,387 416,458
Bookmark Sidebar
#13. Bookmark Sidebar (v1.21.0)
Adds a toggleable sidebar with all your bookmarks at the edge of your browser window.
1,367 350,266
Add sparkly unicorns and rainbows to websites.
216 48,714
Tabby Cat
#15. Tabby Cat (v2.0.0)
A new friend in every tab.
5,077 476,601
Meow, The Cat Pet
#16. Meow, The Cat Pet (v1.10.5)
Meow is a virtual Cat pet who walks on your screen while you're browsing the web.
1,093 155,822
Watch video using Picture-in-Picture
1,253 1,457,598
Stay focused in a pleasant way.
963 638,251
Toby for Chrome
#19. Toby for Chrome (v0.7.4)
Better than bookmarks. Organize your browser tabs and access them quickly anywhere.
2,841 345,575
eJOY eXtension is a must-have translator and multiple-platform learning tool for English learners!
2,806 276,983
Team calendar and time tracking tool to plan and manage projects and resources. Integrates with Google Calendar and Outlook
516 103,738
Live new tab page: customize clocks, to-do list, hundreds of live backgrounds in your browser.
8,385 218,221
Midnight Lizard
#23. Midnight Lizard (v10.7.0)
Custom color schemes for all websites: night mode, dark themes, blue light filter, screen shader, high contrast, grayscale, etc.
646 63,923
Hover Zoom+
#24. Hover Zoom+ (v1.0.178)
Zoom images/videos on all your favorite websites (Facebook, Amazon, etc). Simply hover your mouse over the image to enlarge it.
1,196 341,602
Workona Tab Manager
#25. Workona Tab Manager (v2.21.6)
Organize your work in the browser.
2,335 117,307