Multi-highlight Multi-highlight

Search and highlight multiple words on web pages.

Multi-highlight is a Chrome extension by Alexius Lee. It had 202,042+ weekly active users and an average rating of 4.10 before it was removed from Chrome Web Store a year ago. Multi-highlight is similar to Multi Highlight and MultiHighlighter. The last published version was 1.21, updated 2 years ago.

This extension was removed from Chrome Web Store on 2021-04-07
Rating: 4.10 (539)
Users: 202,042+
Version: 1.21 (Last updated: 2020-06-17)
Featured: No
Size: 60.78K
Price: Free
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Can do for you:
 - Highlight multiple english words on all pages. (whole word matching for english words, currently)
 - Your words will be saved.

* Needs to refresh opened pages after install this extension.
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User reviews
Exactly what I needed to find predefined list of words and highlight them. Although, I need more than what it currently offers: -It cannot highlight a specific sentence; only words -There's like 4-5 colors; if you specify 10 words then different words will be highlighted with the same color
JP Dénommée JP Dénommée
Incredible little tool. Has helped me so much. Bravo Alexius! My only request would be for a keyboard shortcut to enabled / disable :)
Steven Emerson Steven Emerson
This is pretty great! Is it possible to add a hotkey like ctrl+f ?
Chris Luera Chris Luera
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