LINER - Search Faster & Highlight Web/Youtube LINER - Search Faster & Highlight Web/Youtube

Discover the highlights of the web, filtered by millions of intelligent people around the world.

LINER - Search Faster & Highlight Web/Youtube is also known as: #1 Web & PDF Highlighter - LINER, LINER - Search Assistant & Web Highlighter.

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Version: 5.74.2 (Last updated: 2022-01-22)
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In the flood of information, LINER helps you find and learn reliable information faster. Discover the highlights of the web, filtered by millions of intelligent people around the world.

LINER Basic is **free to use, no credit card required.**


★Key Features★

[LINER Search Assistant]
Make your Googling experience easier. Find what you're looking for faster than ever.

• Trusted by LINER users • 
Win back your time by reading only the pages trusted by LINER users among the Google search results.

• Highlights Preview •
Take a sneak peek at a page’s key contents. See if it contains the information you need.

• Popular Highlights •
Skim through the page's key sections, highlighted by LINER users — a quick grab-and-go of key sentences.


[LINER Highlighter]
Highlight even on the web. Collect, manage, and develop your insights.

• Web & PDF Highlighter •
Just like you do it on books, highlight on any web page and PDF. Go back to your highlights any time.

• Comment •
Add a comment, leave your instant thoughts on your highlight.

• Youtube Highlighter •
Even on Youtube, highlight your favorite moments you want to remember.

• Collect & Manage •
Manage all your highlights and comments in one place. Shape your insights however you want.


[LINER Content Recommendation]
The entire Internet is LINER’s source of content. Yet, LINER shows only the ones that are trusted by people.

• People also read •
Research faster with LINER’s live recommendations. You get recommendations every time you highlight.

• For you •
LINER recommends contents of your interests you may have missed. Make sure to stay on top of them.

• Search on LINER •
Search on LINER, discover only the finest information trusted by LINER users.


💕Proudly Enjoyed by Users Around the World💕

We currently service users from 50+ countries, who are business professionals, professors, students, lawyers, doctors, and whoever loves to read online.

"I’ve never had problems with search engines. But now, I cannot imagine browsing without LINER! It finds the results I want by more than half of the time it used to take."
    ― Daniel Harper (Research Assistant)

"I love how LINER endlessly provides so much quality content of my interests & new topics. It brings me back to LINER at least once a day!"
    ― Chloe Jansen (Product Designer)

"Okay LINER is getting seriously useful. Highlight any webpage, one-click export to Evernote. People LOVE highlighting!"
    ― Tiago Forte (Productivity Consultant)


LINER Basic is **free to use, no credit card required.**
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