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Pattern Password Pattern Password

Pattern Password transforms a pattern you enter into a secure password depending the site you're using it on.

Users: 189 -6
Version: 1.0.0 (Last updated: 2013-03-25)
Size: 20.83K
Price: Free
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Creating different complex passwords for all the sites one uses has always been an issue.
Until now.
Pattern password transforms a pattern of your choice into a secure password for each of the sites you use.

1. Enter the name of your target site or application (like "gmail")
2. (optional) Change the size of the pattern grid and output password length.
3. (optional) Uncheck any characters you don't want in your password. Some services have restrictions on this.
4. Click and drag across the board with the hexagon buttons to enter your password.
5. Your password has been generated. Just copy/paste it into your password field.
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