SHARP Display Connect SHARP Display Connect

This application enables data transfer and screen share between PC and Chromebook.

"SHARP Display Connect" is a meeting support application that links a SHARP Touch Display or computer "host device" with a "client device" such as a tablet in a wireless LAN environment to enable sharing of information.

Main Features
1: Easy sharing of meeting materials and screens
2: Interactive write and convenient personal memo to make privately annotated notes
3: Large-scale interactive communications via the host device on the same network
4: Freely remote control of the host device from the client one

SHARP Display Connect is an application that is installed on client devices.
To use this application, "SHARP Display Connect" (purchase required) for "host device" must be installed on "host device" and this application must be installed on "client device", and by linking with the devices in the wireless LAN environment, data can be sent, received and display screens shared.
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