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Version: 2.24.3 (Last updated: 2021-05-24)
Size: 2.09M
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Manage your online identities and credentials with Buttercup: An open-source, free and secure password manager. Buttercup uses the strongest industry techniques to encrypt and store your details in a variety of locations of your choosing. Use My Buttercup, Dropbox, Google Drive or a WebDAV connection to remotely host your archive for high accessibility. You can also connect local files when using the Desktop application (background).

The extension also contains a full-featured vault editing interface so you can even use it as a standalone application. Manage your data using different item types (logins, websites, notes etc.) and even store securely-encrypted attachments (drag-and-drop files).

Buttercup's browser extension allows you to easily log in to all of your online profiles and sites, is extremely secure, is easy to use and completely free of charge. We collect no data about you or any activities you perform. Keep your master password safe as it is the only way to open your archive and access your credentials.

Newly detected logins will cause the extension to prompt you to save them - add all of your online authentication details to keep your accounts safe!
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