JSON Viewer JSON Viewer

The most beautiful and customizable JSON/JSONP highlighter that your eyes have ever seen. Open source at https://goo.gl/fmphc7

JSON Viewer is a featured Chrome extension by tulios. It has 1,000,000+ weekly active users and an average rating of 4.55. JSON Viewer is similar to JSONVue and JSON Formatter. The latest version is 0.18.1 and was updated 2 years ago. JSON Viewer is only available in English. Within Chrome Web Store, its overall ranking is #232.

It is a Chrome extension for printing JSON and JSONP.

* This extension might crash with other JSON highlighters/formatters, you may need to disable them
* To highlight local files and incognito tabs you have to manually enable these options on the extensions page
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JSON Viewer
JSON Viewer
JSON Viewer
JSON Viewer
JSON Viewer
User reviews
至尊宝 至尊宝
Works fine as advertised but they should have an option to disable the Cmd/Ctrl+F hijacking. I can't use the browser's built-in search feature because they hijack Cmd+F (macOS) and Ctrl+F (Windows). This should be opt-in or at least I should be able to opt-out of it as it presents a terrible user experience.
Tina Holly Tina Holly
This extension is focused, visually customizable, and carefully made
David Ruiz David Ruiz
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