Peek-a-tab, Tabs Manager for Google Chrome™ Peek-a-tab, Tabs Manager for Google Chrome™

Search, preview, jump across, and close tabs quickly in your chrome browser.

Rating: 4.35 (180)
Users: 9,000+
Version: 1.5.6 (Last updated: 2019-07-26)
Size: 137.22K
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Do you have a lot of tabs opened in your browser and find it cumbersome to manage them? well here is the solution.

Some points:

* Use Alt+Space (Option+Space for mac) to get a list of all the tabs from all the windows.

* Search in the title & url to quickly get the tab you want.

* Preview a tab on mouse hover or on click.

* Jump across between tabs quickly, even in different windows.

* Close unnecessary tabs quickly.

This extension's source code is available here:
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