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Protect your students with manageable G Suite features

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Safe Doc smooths the way for schools managing G Suite for Education features that Admin Console doesn't provide. 


► Block the image searching feature in Google Docs, Sheets, Slides, Forms, Drawings, Sites and Jamboard
► Block Youtube video searching feature in Slides, Forms, Classroom, Sites and Jamboard
► Block Dictionary feature in Docs, Slides and Drawings
► Block Explore feature that includes unsafe web search in Docs, Slides and Drawings
► Block inappropriate emojis in Gmail, Hangouts and Chat, e.g. the middle finger emoji
► Block Hangouts Chat in Gmail
► Block inserting images by URLs in Docs editors
► Block the "Publish to the web" feature in Docs editors
► Block the "Email as attachment" feature in Docs editors
► Block the "Email collaborators" feature in Docs editors
► Disable spell & grammar checking in Docs editors
► Block certain web-linked functions in Google Sheets, e.g. IMPORTDATA, IMPORTFEED, IMPORTHTML, IMAGE etc.
► Block certain stickers in Hangouts chatting, e.g. the poop sticker
► Block preview pop ups for unsafe links in Docs, Slides and Drawings
► Block distracting Google Search games, Snake, PAC-MAN, Tic Tac Toe etc
► Block live captions feature in Google Meet
► Stop students from sharing Google Drive files with each other
► Stop students from adding external people into Google Meet
► Stop students from chatting in Google Meet
► Stop students constantly changing virtual background in Google Meet
► Block students rejoining old unsupervised meetings (meetings without a nickname and open for students to join)
► Hide student identities (full names) for privacy protection in Google Meet
► Remove phone information used for joining Google Meet
► Disable meeting recording in Google Meet
► Mute all students in Google Meet with the magic '/muteall' chat command
► Disable the Comment feature in Docs Editors
► Disable the Chat feature when multiple users join in the same Google document, spreadsheet, presentation or drawing
► Prevent students from unenrolling classes in Google Classroom
► Disable students unsubmitting assignment work in Google Classroom
► Disable students resubmitting assignment work in Google Classroom
► Prevent students from sending feedback to Google in G Suite
► Remove the People tab in Google Classroom for privacy concerns
► Remove certain docs, sheets, slides and forms templates
► Remove the Send button in Google Forms to stop students distributing forms
► Set Chrome New Tab Page URL to a specific location
► Support configurations. Admins can decide which features in GSFE to be disabled or enabled
► Support Managed Chromebooks and Chrome browsers on Windows and Mac
► Support US and UK English

Not found what you wanted? Feel free to join the community below for feature requests.


Quick Start
For home use 🏠
► Login your Chrome profile using an @gmail account and turn on sync.
► Click [Add to Chrome] above to install the extension.
► You will be popped up with guidelines.
► Not all features not 
For school use 🏫
► Request a license in
► Deploy Safe Doc in your test OU. 
► Configure and explore the features

► FREE for any @gmail accounts.
► $199/yr for a single student domain with unlimited users, product updates and premier support. Get a 30-days trial license at

► Self service help documentation at
► Email us at or
► Join Safe Doc community (Google Group). Ask questions, request features, report issues and receive software update news.
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