Google Meet Push-To-Talk Google Meet Push-To-Talk

Hold <space> in Google Meet to talk instead of fumbling around trying to mute and unmute

Google Meet Push-To-Talk is also known as: Google Meet Push To Talk.

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Version: 13.0.0 (Last updated: 2022-01-20)
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Simple add-on that allows you to mute and unmute yourself with a key press instead of fumbling around trying to click the icon. Now works in Google Meet *and* Zoom web client! 

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  🎉  Click the "Add to Chrome"  button over that way ⤴️(reload your Meet tab if you have one open)

  🔈 Hold <space> (default) to talk, release to go back to mute
  ⌨️  Configure your own hotkey if you don't like <space>

 Bring sanity to Google Meetings (and now Zoom too!) by insuring you're transmitting audio only when you're intending to 

  We don't know who you are and so we cannot store your personal data.

  👩‍🏫👨‍🏫  This extension is provided by 
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Click "Add to Chrome" in the upper right corner to immediately experience the goodness of this free and useful software!
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