Google Meet Push-To-Talk Google Meet Push-To-Talk

Hold <space> in Google Meet to talk instead of fumbling around trying to mute and unmute

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Simple add-on that allows you to mute and unmute yourself with a key press instead of fumbling around trying to click the icon.

  🎉Click the "Add to Chrome"  button over that way ⤴️(reload your Meet tab if you have one open)
  🔕Mute/unmute: Quick push <space>
  🔈Hold <space> (default) to talk, release to go back to mute
  ⌨️ Configure your own hotkey if you don't like <space>
  📣 Mute will be on by default, but you can disable that feature in settings
  🗂 Mute from any tab by pushing <ctrl> + <space>
  ⚠️This extensions only works on Google Meet, it will not work on Google Hangouts ⚠️

  This extension was made to help all the teachers and students figuring out distance learning together.

  We don't store your data, period.

  👩‍🏫👨‍🏫Teachers! School administrators! IT Staff!
  🙌Casey Watts and all the contributors at his gist for finding a clean and simple solution (see GitHub for link)
  🤝Tim Oxley and the keycode library
  👉Joshua Wilson for element-ready.js
  🎨Doug Stewart for helping style the options page
  💪Google Meet Grid View for being another great Chrome extension for group meetings
  🙊Icon created by Freepik from

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