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Improve your skills on your own, effectively and enjoyably, by watching films and series in the language you study.

Language Reactor is also known as: Language Learning with Netflix.

By: Dioco
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Language Reactor is a powerful toolbox for learning languages. It helps you to discover, understand, and learn from native materials. Studying will become more effective, interesting, and enjoyable! (formerly called 'Language Learning with Netflix')

The extension adds dual language subtitles, a popup dictionary, precise video playback controls and many more features when watching films and series on the Netflix website!

Thousands of channels for you to watch on any topic you can imagine! Develop your comprehension with authentic language in context.

Books and Websites
Import text, Language Reactor will add a machine translation in your language and read the text with super-realistic text-to-speech.

Our extension runs on Google Chrome on desktop and laptop computers running Windows and MacOS.
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