Clockwise: Time Management Calendar Assistant Clockwise: Time Management Calendar Assistant

The smart calendar assistant that makes your calendar work for you.

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Clockwise is the smart calendar extension that frees up your time so you can focus on what matters.

Clockwise brings together a powerful optimization engine with a personal calendar assistant to make your work life run smoothly.

🗓Clockwise automatically moves your meetings in order to optimize your calendar and free up Focus Time for you and your team. Level-up your time management with Clockwise.

Clockwise creates more time for you to get things done through:

- Blocks of uninterrupted time to help you focus on what matters.
- Automatic scheduling conflict resolution to cut your busywork.
- Work and meeting hours preferences for a schedule that works for you.

💡Clockwise schedules dynamic Focus Time holds on your calendar. This creates uninterrupted blocks of time to accomplish your priorities. You set your Focus Time goals to create enough time for collaboration and heads-down work. 

🚀Personal calendar assistant

- See all your work and personal events in one view with personal calendar sync
- Quickly assess what your day has in store with with event color coding
- Get an alert when it’s time to leave for a meeting and see when you’ll be back with travel time
- Show your team whether you’re available, in a meeting, or outside work hours with Slack sync

🙌🏻Clockwise integrates seamlessly with the tools you spend the most time in at work:

- Google Calendar Chrome Extension
- Slack application
- Web application

How it Works:
1. Connect your calendar
2. Choose your flexible meetings
3. Set your meeting and Focus Time preferences
4. Clockwise moves your meetings
5. Enjoy more Focus Time and fewer scheduling conflicts

Escape the chaos of work and find your focus with Clockwise. Get started for Free today.
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