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DuckDuckGo Privacy Essentials DuckDuckGo Privacy Essentials

Privacy, simplified. Protect your data as you search and browse. ***Permissions are to block hidden trackers lurking everywhere.***

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Version: 2020.10.21 (Last updated: 2020-10-21)
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Price: Free
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  • Your data on all websites
  • Your tabs and browsing activity
  • Override your search engine provider
  • Run JavaScript code in the context of web pages
  • Add omnibox keyword to URL bar
  • Examine manifest for more details
DuckDuckGo Privacy Essentials (this Chrome extension) does much more than just private search! 
 • We'll block hidden trackers we detect on the sites you visit.
 • We'll also take you to encrypted versions of sites when possible.
 • These private browsing features require extra permissions, though work solely on your local device. We do not collect or share any personal browsing information ourselves, as per our privacy policy:
 • If you just want DuckDuckGo Search, you do not need this extension (or an extension at all), and can follow these install instructions:

Privacy, simplified.

Tired of being tracked online? We can help. At DuckDuckGo, we believe online privacy should be simple.

DuckDuckGo Privacy Essentials comes packed with best-in-class privacy essentials and makes browsing in Chrome even faster.

• Escape Online Tracking — automatically block hidden third-party trackers we can find lurking on websites you visit, which stops the companies behind those trackers from collecting and selling your data. 
• Search Privately — our private search engine comes built-in so you can search the Internet without being tracked.
• Enforce Encryption — force sites to use an encrypted (HTTPS) connection where available, protecting your data from prying eyes, like from unwanted snoopers and Internet service providers.
• Decode Privacy — each site you visit gets a Privacy Grade (A-F) so you can see how protected you are at a glance, and you can even dig into the details to see who we caught trying to track you. 

Privacy, simplified.

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