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Changing default search engine with no option for partial functionality and removal of "Search Google for Image" button are deal breakers.
I wan't the privacy tracker benefits but I don't want to use duck duck go as the search engine. I don't want the extension to override my search engine preferences defaults
google evil duck duck go good
its good its just recently whenever i use it to look up something on google chrome extension the results in all are blank can you please fix this because it only happens on google chrome and i don't want to switch browsers so soon
I was so good
Bueno el bloqueador de trackers. Malo que te bloquea la seleccion de buscadores, sino seria muy bueno.
С сегодняшнего дня из-за этого расширения перестали загружаться задания на сайте яндекса.толока. После отключения расширения, работа сайта возвращается к привычному режиму. Показывает в выдаче заблокированные сайты — это хорошо, но очень плохо работает поиск изображений. В этом направлении пока лучше всех, в плане точности выдачи фотографий/изображений, работают яндекс.картинки, кто бы что ни говорил. Так что пока это неуниверсальный поисковик, как и другие, известные, но может использоваться для ограниченных задач. Надеюсь, он разовьётся до уровня яндекса и гугла, и ещё лучше.
This is a great secure browser. Soon DuckDuckGo is gonna grow and it's gonna grow a ton...
Had to remove because it took over my search engine and new Tab page. Originally I loved the privacy protection but had to remove it because I couldn't use Google to search from the omni bar and the new tab page didn't have any of my recently used sites.
gives you privacy and doesn't have cookies following you around everywhere. way less annoying than google. :) sorry, but duckduckgo is definitely better than google. 😋
Не справляется с рекламой её просто охренеть.
I trust DDG's policy.
perfecto buscador , realmente protege toda tu privacidad , supera en todos los limites a el tipico buscador de goog....
simply awesome!
mto bom privacidade
Doesn't listen does what it wants. Continually makes itself the default search engine and will not let you change it without uninstalling extension, which I will do right now.
Simple, save and also supports dark mode. Didn't use Google in a year and I don't regret it.
I feel like I haven't had access to the entire internet until now. Whenever I'd search something on Google, I'd always get the same websites and feel like I was missing out on other sources. But now it seems like I can access websites from all parts of the internet, and from any country I choose. It's awesome! Also, DuckDuckGo has been very helpful during my switch to a more digitally minimalistic lifestyle. I can't explain it too well, but I feel that the honesty of the platform has positively affected my relationship with online searching. It's less addictive in a way. I would like to still have the quick "Search image on Google" button, but the extra steps of uploading an image or pasting the URL into Google Images isn't so difficult. Overall, I'm a believer in DuckDuckGo. Thanks for creating such a great program!
I wanna use this extension but don't wanna make it my default search engine. Please create an option where we can disable it. TIA
do get this it is SO WORTH IT!!!!!!!!!!!!! IT DOESN'T TRACK U!!!!!!!
Google stinks and sensors my search results. They are the worst. Duckduckgo does not sensor my results. They are awesome. google can fall in the toilet, man...
Liked it but had to remove the extension from Chrome. Was blocking my ability to log in to my Barnes and Noble account and my New Yorker subscription. Maybe other issues, too. Still my default search engine but had to take it off Chrome. Only re-installed it so I could write this review. Part 2: had to remove it again to ask a question about a new refrigerator on the General Electric website. Need to fix this extension so it doesn't block pop-ups, only ads.