Fintest Pro - screenshots and videos Fintest Pro - screenshots and videos

Capture and share information easily and effectively. Organize you information by sorting, filtering and viewing in multiple ways.

Fintest Pro - screenshots and videos is also known as: Fintest Explorer, Fin-test Explorer, Fintest Pro.

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Users: 9,000+
Version: (Last updated: 2021-09-06)
Size: 7.03M
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  • Your data on all websites
  • Capture content of screen, individual windows or tabs
  • Your tabs and browsing activity
  • Run JavaScript code in the context of web pages
  • Receive notifications from this app in Chrome
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The top browser extension for capturing and recording screens, taking screenshots, adding notes, and many other useful features.
Fintest Pro is one of the fastest, immersive and most convenient extensions in the Chrome store for capturing data and manipulating it.
 *     Extremely easy to use.
 *     Fast and reliable.
 *     Absolutely free.
 *     User-friendly interface and useful functionality.

Take screenshots
*	Desktop, area and instant copy screenshots
*	An ability to crop, blur, and select screen sizes for the screenshot
*	Use shapes that can help select or emphasize objects displayed in the screenshot
*	Free-form drawing and an ability to highlight needed information
Record your screen
*	Record your screen with a webcam or microphone
*	Full HD resolution
* 	Ability to review videos in the preview tab
*	Desktop, application, browser tab or webcam capture

Add notes
*	Add a note on the website you need
*	Save and share ability
*	Add comments to capture testing ideas, investigate potential bugs, or ask questions.

Test tools
*	Check links
*	Test for accessibility
*	Check performance
*	Inspect security
*	Validate changes
*	Compare files
Fintest Pro is supported on: Chrome, Opera, Microsoft Edge, and all Chromium based browsers such as the Brave browser and the Vivaldi browser.

 “Fintest Pro is the most convenient and simple tool I’ve ever used. I have already recommended it to all my colleagues and they love it.” – Michael McFlury (Software tester)
“All you have to know is that Fintest Pro provides you with an opportunity to share captured resources with the most popular tools like Jira, Slack, and Telegram. Moreover, this extension has a super friendly interface that makes it pleasant to work with it every day!” – John Ritcher (Performance tester)
“Hard to believe, but I am spending half as much time on my work after downloading Fintest Pro. This extension is awesome, it helps me save a great amount of time because it has all I need, starting with capturing my screen as well asand various test tools.” – Anna Markova (Unit tester)

How do people use Fintest Pro?

Testing Professionals:
*	Several types of checkers that will save time, and add quality to your site or application
*	An ability to highlight an issue in the screenshot
*	Record a video to demonstrate how certain problems or bugs appear
*	Integration with Jira, Slack, Telegram, Google Drive, DropBox and another helpful social media
*	Works on popular browsers such as Chrome, Opera, Microsoft Edge and others.
*	Teachers save time, increase effectiveness
*	User friendly interface, where even children can understand the basics of the extension
*	Multiple languages supported
*	Perfect for reports, using videos or screenshots to highlight important information
*	Absolutely free and unlimited duration for video capture and an unlimited number of screenshots and notes

All users:
Every person can use Fintest Pro for his or her needs, you can capture and edit a screenshot or record online game play, you can add a recipe for a dish captured from a website and then easily find it in our resource feed. Install Fintest Pro and save your time!
*	You can select which screenshot formats you need to download in the settings tab, we offer 3 main formats: WEBP, JPEG and PNG.
*	You can select multiple formats to save videos such as, MKV or WEBM
*	Each of our main functions has its own shortcut, you can change them in the settings tab in the Hotkeys section.

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