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Regular reminders during your computer work.

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Using computers has become a vital part of our daily lives. But why not learn to use them so that they enhance our physical and mental wellbeing? This is what Compassionate Computing is all about. Our regular reminders support your efforts to stay present while you are online. You can freely choose the reminder frequency. There are three types of reminders.

•	Relax Movements: This type of reminder helps you taking small relaxation breaks during a long computer day. It is a healthy mix of exercises to enhance your wellbeing. 
•	Breath Awareness: Become aware of your breath, for example by focusing on the sensations that it causes inside your nostrils. Can you notice that your incoming breath is slightly colder than your outgoing breath? Alternately, you can observe your abdomen rising and falling in line with your breath.
•	Vipassana Reminder: For all those of you having attended a Vipassana retreat (as taught by S.N. Goenka): Here is your constant reminder to maintaining perfect equanimity. 

The reminders can be displayed in German or English. A detailed description of the specific exercises (in English) is available by clicking on the respective notification, or via the menu item "Exercise description". Please note that you can turn off the sound via the menu item "Settings" as well as via the sound button in the lower left corner of the popup.

For questions and feedback, please contact us via the feedback tool or the email address given on the "About us" page of the app.

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