Cyber-Ark Clipboard Extension Cyber-Ark Clipboard Extension

Provides integration for Cyber-Ark products with the user's clipboard. (C) Cyber-Ark Software, Ltd. All rights reserved.

Cyber-Ark Clipboard Extension is a Chrome extension by cyberark.developer. It has 1,000,000+ weekly active users and an average rating of 4.25. Cyber-Ark Clipboard Extension is similar to CyberArk Identity Browser Extension and Clipboard History Manager. The latest version is 2.1 and was updated 2 years ago. Cyber-Ark Clipboard Extension is only available in English. Within Chrome Web Store, its overall ranking is #283.

This extension allows CyberArk Password Vault Web Access to access the user's clipboard.

For security reasons, some browsers prevent programmatic access to the clipboard. This prevents CyberArk Password Vault Web Access users from being able to copy account content when needed. The CyberArk Password Vault Web Access Clipboard Extension enables CyberArk Password Vault Web Access users to continue to copy and paste from the clipboard.  
Please note that Clipboard content will be erased after 25 seconds or when the user signs out, in order to make sure account content is not kept in the clipboard.
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Cyber-Ark Clipboard Extension
Cyber-Ark Clipboard Extension
User reviews
Works as expected. Thanks.
Mohamed Masalmeh Mohamed Masalmeh
This "feature" to clear the keyboard buffer is not very forward thinking. Users copy the passwords in to notepad or some other program instead of having to go back to cyber-ark. You think you are protecting oru security and likely are just making it worse. Please be forward thinking and give us the ability to control the clearing. ##Very aggravaiting ##time wasting / ##less security in the end/ ##poor design.
Conn Fountain Conn Fountain
so far so good, it does as expected
Lee Gaupp Lee Gaupp
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