Archetype Code Editor Archetype Code Editor

A fast, offline code editor for all Chromebooks, based on the Monaco editor from VS Code.

Rating: 4.67 (24)
Users: 3,000+
Version: 0.7.1 (Last updated: 2021-01-23)
Size: 3.57M
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A native code editor for Chrome OS that doesn't require Crouton or Crostini. Among other tricks, it features:

 - Multiple cursors
 - Code minimap
 - Code folding
 - Directory browser with right-click support (add/rename/delete)
 - Code formatting via Prettier (
 - Ctrl + Scrollwheel Zoom

Currently in beta and free for personal use.


## Version 0.7.1

 - Fix menu icon not showing on some versions of Chrome (SVG path fill).
 - Allow closing tabs by middle-clicking on them.

## Version 0.7.0

 - New logo and icon
 - Update Monaco to v0.21.2
 - Updated 'new/open' menu with a few options
 - Added monaco-ace-tokenizer (syntax highlight for 20 new languages).
 - Fixed a few bugs regarding the open/save dialog.

## Version 0.6.1

 - Initial (beta) theme support. Open with Alt+Shift+T
 - Add tab menu for language and tab configuration
 - Added convert indentation function (tabs <-> spaces)
 - Skip more directories when searching (.git, .hg, .svn, CVS, .cache, node_modules)
 - Fix syntax highlight for files with no extension (eg. "README")
 - Added commands.showWelcome and map it to Ctrl+Alt+?
 - Fixed event listener logic when using child selectors
 - Recalculate search resuts height when toggling line visibility
 - Add new mappings (.c, .h, .rs, .gemspec, .jinja, .rst, .ink, .jwmrc)
 - UI tweaks (window buttons, tab positioning and icons, etc)

## Version 0.6.0

 - New 'Search Files' option, within dir or globally (mapped to Ctrl+Shift+F)
 - Speed up file finder initial render
 - Move tab close button to beginning of tab
 - Restore cursor position on tab.reload()
 - Update tab entry when renaming files
 - Add file type mapping from 'bash' extension
 - Added support for .vue files
 - Several minor UI tweaks (padding, tabs, buttons, icons, etc) 
 - Move close prompt behaviour to ui.js
 - Added icons in different sizes

## Version 0.5.3

 - Added 'new version' page: shows the changelog when a new version is released
 - Palette: Sort files by proximity, from closest to farthest
 - Refactored tabs.js module a bit, close open tab when deleting file, if found
 - Fixed overflow of text in file finder palette
 - Add support for reopen closed tab with Ctrl+Shift+T
 - Update tabs.setModified logic, to handle abort when showing prompt
 - Add Ctrl+R for reloading current tab
 - Prevent close tab or app from being called when prompt is already shown
 - Fix race condition that prevented open file from Files app randomly
 - Reduce timeout wait for hold + click in newtab
 - Better prompt when input is shown (cancel, focuCurrently in beta and free. s, etc)

## Version 0.5.2
 - Fixed error when closing an open/shown directory.

## Version 0.5.1

 - Better session restore (reopen all previous tabs and directories)
 - Remove formatting when copying text (copyWithSyntaxHighlighting)
 - Add shebang file type detection for files without extension
 - Add line/word wrapping command and detection (plaintext vs code)
 - Map Alt + Space to Command Palette
 - Set language correctly when saving new files (untitled.txt)
 - Fix keyboard shortcut when using nonstandard layouts (e.g. dvorak)
 - Fix tab config (tab size and insert spaces) save/restore
 - Fix Prettify command
 - Handle additional extensions for language detection

## Version 0.5.0

 - Initial release
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